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  1. I have and not sure what I did that cause the floors not to connect. I will restore default and see what I did. Thanks.
  2. What setting did I mess up to get this blank space between floors and difference ceiling heights?
  3. I tried court and unspecified. I unselected roof and foundation with no luck. Doing open below didn't even cross my mind. I just tried that and unselected roof and it worked! Thank you!
  4. I'm needing to create a grassy courtyard that is completely surrounded by house and covered patio. The house and patio will be on a monolithic slab. How can I go about creating this cutout in the foundation? I've manipulated the room type settings without much luck.
  5. The image is from a plan someone sent me. My plumbing fixtures are on their floor levels. If I turn the reference layer on I am not able to get dimensions to those plumbing fixtures and I get more than just plumbing fixtures from the reference layer. Maybe I do not understand reference layers. I am currently watching some video on them to see if that helps.
  6. Is this more or less what you are suggesting? This is how my current foundation plans look. I do not do measurements, just outlines for tub/shower plumbing and they use the floor plan to get their measurements from.
  7. I'm not finding anything that is giving me what I'm looking for. I only see how to use reference floors and that is not my need, unless I am not reading things correctly. I'd like to display the plumbing and pull dimensions and print with those images displayed.
  8. How can I get my foundation plan to display plumbing? I've attached an image of how I'd like to be doing it. I have looked at active layers and they are on, but only display on the floor plan.
  9. Using plot lines worked. Thank you!
  10. When sending the cross section view to layout it appears blurry in the layout. How can I resolve this?
  11. That's how I'm feeling as well. Thanks for your input.
  12. I'm not needing to do 3D work with this, just modify the 2D.
  13. I have Premier x11 software. I have a client that is wanting modifications done to a plan purchased elsewhere created on unknown software. He has the DWG file and when I import I get the entire plan on one level (picture below). Is there a way to work with this or should I have them reach out to someone else. They do not want me to redraw the plans, which would be my solution.