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    Roll Up Garage Door

    I figured it out. I just had to flip the wall and redo the layering. Thank you for your time and consideration
  2. ASimmons1

    Roll Up Garage Door

    I actually need to flip the door to open on the interior of the wall but it wont let me
  3. ASimmons1

    Roll Up Garage Door

    Is there a way to edit the appearance of the door itself without designing another?
  4. ASimmons1

    Boathouse Possibility

    I'm new to Chief and work for a boathouse construction company. I haven't found a way to make a stand alone structure with a roof but without wall. Any suggestions on what to try first? The pillars would have to be able to be at placed intervals instead of a patterned layout. I've tried making it as a deck but the roof has been a problem and it doesn't allow me to change the placement of the preset column underneath.