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  1. Hi, Nope I haven't tried it. I'm not sure the Chief Interiors has it. Is it a tool or a symbol?
  2. Hi, I'm looking for strip lighting for an inside cabinet. Which catalogs have them on Chief Architect X12? Thank you for your answers.
  3. Thank you to both of you. The picture was very helpful, I had to resize my window. It was too big.
  4. Hello, On Chief Architect X12 where can I see the raytrace percentage? On X11 I use to see it on the bottom on the screen.
  5. Thank you to all of you for the answers. I have Windows 10, the link on Chief Architect is for Windows 7. I sent an email to Tech Support.
  6. Hi, I downloaded the Chief Architect X12 and I find it runs slow. Do you experiment that? And I also received FTH message. I never got that with the X11. Looking forward to receiving a few answers shortly. Thank you
  7. Thank you all for your answers. @GeneDavis I received a 3D from Sketchup to work on a Kitchen, I was wondering if I can import it on Chief Architect and work directly on the 3D. @Chopsaw How can I remove it? I saw it. Thanks I never thought of exporting cabinets from Chief Architect to sketchup
  8. Hello, I imported a 3D plan drew on Sketchup on Chief Architect 11. I would like to add cabinets to the plan, how can I do that? It looks like when I drag the file to Chief Architect it imported it as a symbol not as a 3D drawing. Thank you for your help,
  9. Hi, I installed on another laptop and upgraded to Chief Architect Interiors X10. The bonus and manufacturers catalogs didn't download. Do I have to redownload everything again? Manually? Thanks for your prompt replies. Arielle
  10. Hello again, How can I import VectorWorks files exporting in dwg, 2D and 3D and work on it on Chief Architect. Thank you for your help. Arielle
  11. Thanks a lot Mark for your quick answer. I'll try to follow the different steps. I'll keep you posted.
  12. Hello, How can I draw these cabinets on Chief Architect? Thank you for your help. Arielle
  13. Hi, Why can't we export a 3D view in Chief Architect Interiors? Arielle
  14. Hi Joe, I do have SSA. I have a video card problem I think that's why I'm still using the X9. The X10 just didn't work properly. I know the Interiors is limited to certain features, that is probably why I can't design everything on it even though I used alternative options, like using a soffit to draw a 2x4 lumber
  15. Hi, Thank yo for your answer. What do you mean by counts? How do you know when it's compatible with a version? I have Interiors X9. I downloaded a 3D and it's not compatible with my version.
  16. Hi, Is there a way to find objects to complete my catalogs? I'm looking for hanging chairs, plants... Can I just download any dwg object online? Thank you for help. Arielle
  17. Hi, I have the Kitchen and Bath Interiors Version X9. I downloaded the 3D Plants catalog and the Plants Tropical but on each symbols it is mentionned " not compatible". Can you tell me why? Thank you for your help. Arielle
  18. I also realized that to have a roof Chief Architect add a few inches. How can I avoid that?
  19. Guys, I have another problem. I had to lower the height of the walls. So now in my persperctive full overview I have a gap between the roof and the walls. How can I fill it? Is there also an option to indicate the direction of the slop? I usually rotate the roof to have the slop where it should be. That is why I have the gap.
  20. Thanks a lot Richard. Problem solved. Have a great day!
  21. Hi Tommy, Thank you for your answer. I deleted the ceiling plane. But the roof still doesn't touch the walls. It was supposed to be done automatically right? The orthographic full overview looks perfect.