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  1. I totally missed your reply. I found the buy list you mentioned. Took me awhile after I saw your post to find it...because it was so obvious where it was I overlooked it everytime. -grin. Thank you!
  2. Good day, When I submitted my request for a quote with companies like 84 Lumber and Builders First Source, I gave them a house plan (in pdf) and a copy of the BOM (in Excel format) generated by CA. They replied back - "We'll let you know soon.". I thought while I was waiting, I'd try Home Depot and then Lowes. I got a phone call back from the local HD store saying they could not supply a quote because the BOM was in total linear feet and not in number of pieces. So, is there a conversion within CA to do so? Thank you, Jim I am using: Chief Architect X13 Premier, Build 10 Pro (Version 21H1), 16GB RAM, Video Card: GeForce GTX 960
  3. <<< No offense >>> None taken. Learned a new button today (thanks to you). Maybe seeking someone to 'fix' the issues with the roof altogether is my best option. You sure seem to know your roofs. Are you for 'hire'? Or do I move that part of my request to a different sub-topic?
  4. Wow! I can't even begin to tell you how many hours I spent trying to search for this issue. Once I did as your screen showed, presto! Problem fixed!
  5. I guess I replied too soon...both top layer and under layer changes when using the paint material. Arg. Something truly incorrect with my plan. Darn newbie . Here's betting there is something wrong with the actual plan.
  6. Robert - Ah...a nice and quick solution! Thank you so much.
  7. Good day, Ryan Its attached (in zip format). Eric, Done. Best, Jim Owl's Nest House - Rev. 9
  8. Good day, Issue: The Soffit/Eave (underbody to the Roof Plane) on the right side shows the material as asphalt roofing and not the material selected (Cedar Tongue & Groove) like the left side does. See picture uploaded. Details: The left side of the screen capture is correct. However, when I look at the right side of the underbody to the deck roof it shows as asphalt roofing material, which is used on top of the roof surface. I have deleting the 'roof plane' and re-added it but it continues to show the material as asphalt roofing even though my selection shows the correct value. Thank you, Jim I am using: Chief Architect X13 Premier, Build (OS 19043.1237) Windows 10 Pro (Version 21H1), 16GB RAM, Video Card: GeForce GTX 960
  9. Hello Thank you for the offers to work with us on completing our dream. There are some very talented users on this forum. However, I am closing this request because we decided to use Gary Prentice who is going to do the work for us. Thank you, Jim
  10. Hello, I have Home Designer 2019. Wife and I created a look with floor plans for a barn-house (about 1500 square feet) but the plan needs some tweaks. Following those tweaks we’ll need a qualified set of construction plans. If interested, and familiar with (Bartow County) Georgia building codes, please reply with contact information.