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  1. Chiefguru1

    Help with Basement Ceiling

    Thank you, guys. I guess I thought about is so long I missed that.
  2. Chiefguru1

    Help with Basement Ceiling

    Can someone help me out? I can't figure out why my basement ceiling isn't showing up. Thank you in advance. PD-2.plan
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  10. Chiefguru1


    Simple Kitchen Layout. Rendered with 17 passes.
  11. Chiefguru1

    Painted Brick

    Kbird, you're awesome. That worked. I can't imagine why they took it out in X10?
  12. Chiefguru1

    Painted Brick

    Those were exactly what I was looking for. Funny. Never owned home designer.
  13. Chiefguru1

    Santo, TX Home

    Great Buildout from a Metal Building. (Forms on the ground) Finished product pics to follow.
  14. Chiefguru1

    Painted Brick

    Yea, I ended up doing that, I just remember they looked really good. glossy, mortar matched. I didn't have to mess with them too much. As I said, I might have been mistaken, I use a lot of different programs. But thank you, sir, for your speedy help.
  15. Chiefguru1

    Painted Brick

    Hello all, Whatever happened to the painted brick in the library? I can find a white painted brick, but I could have sworn I've seen 6 or 8 different colors? I reloaded and updated my current library, but still none to be found. I use so many programs, I may be mistaken. Thank you for your help in advance.