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  1. I would love an answer to this question as well. I am a mac user and would love to be able to to real time renders in Mac, instead of buying a pc
  2. Ok so i imported a pdf version of my dwg. to overcome language issues but i can only see half the image any answers for this problem
  3. Hi Guys New problem i have recieved CAD files, (DWG.) unfortunately its has chinese font so it wont import because the characters come up as question marks 01????.dwg , how can i add fonts to my library to make these documents readable. This is a huge problem because most of the contractors i work with are asian and if i can open their files Im a little stuffed please help
  4. Hi guys ok i got to get it working quiet well by exporting the sketchup model as an obj. file format. The thing is it does something very odd on the floorplan layout, it gives a side view of the object inside of a top view. any thought on this one.
  5. hi the zip didnt work for the uplaoding either so i didi the drop box thing. Two simple model examples: Thank you so much to anyone who can figure this little problem out
  6. Hi Gawdzira, it wont let me uplaod the files, i get this message(Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file) it is possible i just dont know how to uplaod the file from the correct place.
  7. Hi anyone im using chief premier 6x for mac, i tried to import sketchup models into my project (already exporting them into DAE. format first) but there are no textures, or more specifically there are textures just one big sold editable one. For example, i have a sofa with 3 editable textures, 1. Fabric cushions, 2. alumimium base, and 3. wooden struts. but when i edit one the whole model is just one solid texture. this is a real bumber, especially when detailing is essential. anyone please help with this.
  8. htimsnoiz