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  1. Cool! Thanks CA is full of "hidden" details. hiding in plain sight.
  2. Where do I find that, Richard?
  3. I have some rather large mulled windows. In the schedule they are shown as one unit with a height and width, But there is a mixture of window sizes and types. How do others communicate what the different windows are? Do I copy them as a CAD drawing and dimension the CAD drawing for the more complex windows?
  4. Specify Label in the window dbx changes the label. I have done that before, But I intend to rely on the Window Schedule for this project.
  5. I must be missing something. The only label I know is the auto generated one that shows on the plan or elevations. I click on that and it highlights the label and the window, but there is no place to enter info when it is clicked. Either your instruction are vague, or I am getting the wrong idea.
  6. Oo. Components are new to me. Never saw this before. Or maybe I did when I did not need it. So right-click on a window of a label gives me a menu with several options, including Components. Is this what your comment was referring to Perry?
  7. There is a Comments column available, but how do I assign a comment to a window? Or would that just create another unique window type? Do I manually add comments to the schedule on the screen?
  8. Also, Is there any way to save an edit area? Polygon and back? or convert a polygon to an edit area?
  9. I would like to extend this post. I have a garage set at a 45 degree angle from the house and the cross hairs. I need to select the garage, which is connected by a breezway, and move it. the roof and foundation 2 ft closer to the house. The edit area creates an edit box that is orthogonal to the display and cross hairs. I know that it (edit box) is editable, but is there an easier way to create a rotated edit box around my garage?
  10. Do it in sketchup free. There are many 3D printer toutorials on line.
  11. Random acts of terror, or a bug! This was a problem in the past and I hoped it was fixed. I am hoping that someone has a solution? The same plan was posted on my last post on the funky attic wall.
  12. Thanks Johnny, That was easy. I do that on the exterior regularly. I did not recognize it as the same problem since the wall looked so wacky. The house is all new construction. It started out as a "modern-farm house" as the client wanted, but they bought a lot in a neighbor hood that required an older, up-scaled style.I had to simplify the design a little due to budget.
  13. File is 14,449 KB. I also have friezes vanishing for no apparent reason. Such as on the back of the garage were the foundation and wall the roof sets on are both simple, single walls. Yet randomly the frieze stops and starts. It is hard to keep up on all of the anomalies that Chief creates, which is why there is such a steep learning curve after learning the basics. 1505T21.zip
  14. Yes, just as you have shown. I need to do exactly that in terms of results. I hate to ask how since so much advice has be given, but it is not so clear to my Midwestern mind. And this is good too. I would want the foundation all on one sheet and I believe it can be managed in a single plan, but it would require a system and details. We could use an improved system that would allow us to show what we want. In any case, the concrete guys don't want multiple pages. Just one. I have seen these contractors do a physical cut and paste in order to make a single sheet. It is just the way they choose to see it.
  15. I have done this before, but right now the method eludes me. on my second floor plan I have the first floor showing, but in layout it is not showing. I have forgotten how to make it show in layout. Unfortunately it is not obvious to do but I k now that I struggled with this before. Please help.
  16. I suppose there is a third option that provides the most control and just about as much work. Manually draw the foundation in 2D. Or trace and manually draw in CAD the foundation plan, which I have done in order to make a foundation plan show the detail I needed with door cuts and ledges.
  17. I am not sure which would be less confusing, drawing a foundation on different levels and showing them on one plan with reference layer sets or drawing them on one level and manipulating floor and wall heights to make it look like they are on different levels. Both have merits and both have draw backs. For one, I have not been able to figure out how to do either. Second, the Ref Layers may fall short if I where building on a very steep grade and had foundations on three or even four levels, which might happen on future project. I would be interested in evaluating both options. Here is the value of the forum. You will not find stuff like this in the standard training videos.
  18. So Perry, How would you show a foundation plan if the garage is on the main level and it has a short stem wall (48" in Michigan). Then there is a walk out basement level below the main floor with its foundation below, which means the foundation of the garage and the foundation of the basement would be on separate levels. How would you show or build them on the same plan?
  19. I have pinned the Chief Architect icon app to the task bar several times, but it somehow gets unpinned in Windows 10. Anyone else experiencing this?
  20. 80% of your project is very easy to do and quick to learn in Chief (Walls, doors, windows, Cabinets, Bath fixtures), which will give you a basic plan. But it is the other 20% to bring a project completely together is the biggest learning time and effort. There are work a rounds that are not clear or even absent from training videos. This forum is very active and the biggest value added to Chief. Chief Architect is likely the best app for the money. I have used Acad, Archicad, Sketchup and a few others.
  21. I think it is location dependent as the dormer in some location will show the window, but will disappear when moved. But I do not know what the factors are. This is an eyebrow dormer, which had a window. How do I get it back even if it will not be seen from the inside? 1505T19SitePlan.zip
  22. Thanks for the video Larry! I have been hoping to have a real site plan that shows existing contours and new contours with cut and fill. It does not seem Chief is even close to being helpful in that area. With regions we can create 3D simulations that sort of behave like a real site. Tweaking is the key word.
  23. Thanks Glenn. I think I may utilize the multi-floor option for the site and the roof. I have not thought of that before.
  24. Thanks Johnny. Larry, I think I have it now, but I do have holes from overhangs on the first floor (see attached). How do I eliminate them?
  25. I am not sure where to start with questions. I have seen all the videos that deal with terrain that I can find. None of them address my situation. I have a jpg of the site with 12" contours. I built a terrain and used a spline on every fifth contour. On the site, there is about 15 ft change in elevation from one end of the building to the other before I change anything. Can I set the first floor at 100'? and establish a contour line at 100' causing the site to "move" up and down in relation to the first floor. I would like to raise the house about 36" from the site. As it is right now every thing will be cut and no fill. I feel that I have no control over the building elevation.