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  1. Hi, Yes I am looking for home designer, but posted here as I do not see one just for interiors. If you know of a better forum please let me know. Appreciate the feedback.
  2. Hi, I am looking for an assistant as a work from home position. Could you email me your resume? Do you have experience in decorating or powerpoint as well? I own a small business in Houston and would like someone to help with decorating for my clients. Please email me if you are interested. You can also reach me by phone at 901-496-9686.
  3. Hi Annette, I am looking for an interior decorating assistant to help with my business. It is a work from home position. Do you have any back ground or interest in decorating? Also, are you familiar with powerpoint?
  4. I am a business owner looking for some home designer users who would like to work on interior decorating for clients as an assistant interior decorator. The job can be a work from home position as I have 2 consultants already that work from home. The role consists of shopping for clients, putting together renderings/elevations, mood boards, dollhouse views, furniture and color choices, etc. Attached is an of the type or work/projects I need help with. If you do live in the Houston Area, that is a plus. Also, power-point skills are a great add, but not a requirement. This will be a paid position (rate to be determined). Please email me at Houstonaffordabledesigns@gmail.com if you are interested. My name is Liz and I am the owner. You can also visit my website at houstonaffordabledesigns.com Carolyn assembly day design.pdf