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  1.   Thanks in advance,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I                 I am using Chief's Adjustable Lally Column under my Girder. Problem is that the adjustable end is down and should be up. Is there a way to flip this or does anyone have one that is the correct way?


                   Thanks, Ken  

    Cook #8_Feb.2,2023.jpg

  2. Ginger,


         The Log Home Co. I was Drawing for (they have gone out of Business, not my fault) used a 6 1/2"x8" D Log with spline (no chinking). 


         I used the layered wall as mentioned by Ryan and made up the corner logs as symbols and added them as needed.


         Doors and windows cut as usual and not as time consuming as placing single logs.


                     Have a great week, Ken

    Chase and Tonya Tunnell Perspective #3.jpg

    Chase and Tonya Tunnell Perspective #4.jpg

    Tunnell Kitchen.jpg

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  3. Eric,


              I thought I had tried all the possibilities, but I missed something. It worked the first time with your instructions and screen shots. I am grateful.


                 Thank you for your time and knowledge, Ken

  4. Thanks for the response,


           I really would appreciate your assistance with this. wasted hslf the day yesterday trying to turn the original then tried to make one from scratch. That didn't go anywhere'


            Any help would be greatly appreciated, Ken

    Reed Window.png

  5. Fellow Chief users,

           I have made this from a fixed pane window. It matches the roof above. But---I need the same thing to match a roof below. Long side on left and down to point on right. Been fighting this for hours. If someone could give me some guidance on this or if you could make one (I would be glad to pay). Thank you for your time and trouble.


             Have a great Day, Ken



    Window=Match roof.png