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  1. I am in search of a fulltime drafting position. If anyone is looking to increase output and add another chief draftsman to their team, I would be interested. I can be reached by responding to this post or by email to discuss my experience and background. Thanks, Mike
  2. Thanks for the reply.. It is that window label tab that you posted. I cannot change anything in that tab.
  3. Question for the board. Opened plan in X10. When I go to window or door labels I cannot change/select anything. This just happened out of nowhere. It is consistent in any plan I have. No layers are locked? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Does anyone know how to put a brick "casing" "surround" around a round window? Thanks,
  5. Hi, Any builders, Architects, or fellow chief users in search of some help I am offering my services. Over 15yrs drafting experience with chief architect. Currently using X7-X10 Reasonable rates Quick turn around Thanks, Mike