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  1. Thanks MarkMc, I was using the logos as the artwork for the materia but I realize I will need to create a material that is exactly the dimensions of my sign in order to apply it without repeating. Cheers,
  2. Good morning folks, I've been searching for a bit but can't find a way to do this. I am working on a commercial space and I would like to showcase the signage on the property using the logos for the various brands. I have created a poly line solid to represent the body of the sign and would like to apply to logo image as a decal of sorts on the face of the polyline solid or as a separate element in the same plane. I can't quite figure out how to get the logo onto the surface. Is there any way to accomplish this? Using x12. this is what I have so far as an example this is what I would like to achieve. Regards, Steven
  3. Thanks guys, After reading your responses I redownloaded the file, renamed it, and reloaded it and it imported correctly. Perhaps first download was corrupted. Thanks again! Steven
  4. Hi folks, I'm having a strange issue when attempting to import a sketchup file of an Ikea chair I got from 3D warehouse, and I haven't had any importing issues before this. When I open the file in sketchup there is one chair; however, when imported into CA the object shows up as two chairs, one fully coloured as per the sketchup file and another solid white. The link for the particular model is here: I tried saving the file in sketchup in a variety of formats but the import results are the same. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Steven