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  1. I will wait for the update Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks for the update I cannot use it till the update comes out, too bad. I was really looking forward ro using the stacked dimension fractions
  3. Hello, Is anyone else finding a difference between the line spacing of Regular Text and Rich Text All of my blocks with text now do not work now, the text is being pushed below my lines Regular text appears to have more space between the lines now. With my 3/16" annotation there is 4 1/2" between lines now vs 3" before Thanks for any input, Brian Clairmont Upper Mill Homes Ontario, Canada X13/14, Windows 10,Processor i-7-8700k 3.70 GHz, 32 GB Ram, Video EVGA 3080
  4. I have been asking Chief since 2014 to fix there fractions. Was hoping that may have been fixed in X11. But once again they have not done it. This to me is one of the MOST important items on a set of working drawings. Dimensions! When the fractions are bigger then the main number too much space is used up and I think it looks terrible. Perhaps someone has a macro or a fix for this that they want to sell?
  5. Yes it is the brick ledge, but it puts it in on its own My brick ledge is 0"
  6. Is there a way to remove this line on the foundation wall? I assume it has to do with the brick as I do not see it when my main walls are siding If it for the brick above and has to be there it should at least be a dashed line Thanks for any help

    I have a question for you, 
    I there something you can make a macro for or some sort of Ruby file that can make Chief's dimension fractions half the size they are now? (see attachment)
    Is this possible in Chief?
    Is this something you can do?
    How much would you charge?

    Brian Clairmont
    X10 Beta


    1. Alaskan_Son


      Hey Brian, just sent you a PM, but in short...No.  I can do that with polylines and a custom font as I demonstrated here...




      ...but not with dimensions.  

  8. Thanks everyone for your ideas I checked the line weights which were the same In the end, it was Adobe PDF. When I tried the Cheif Architect Save to PDF it worked just fine
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows why my live elevations and sections are so light compared to my text and linework They always seem to look greyed out. Thanks
  10. Just wondering if anyone has any good retaining wall objects, ie Armour Stone I do find that Chief does not have much, the decorative block walls I have not seen used in years, I find them pretty dated. Does anyone know where I can find Armour Stone? Thanks
  11. Just wondering when the X7 videos will be in the Online Training Videos area? Thanks Brian
  12. Robert Yes I am looking for the stacked fractions. It would just look much better and not take up so much room.
  13. Hello I was just wondering it is possible to print to a pdf so that all the layers can be turned off or on in the pdf. This is a print driver that AutoCad has (DWG To PDF.pc3) that makes great pdf's for commercial use. Subs can turn layers on and off to suit there needs. Thanks Brian X6
  14. Hello I was just wondering if it was possible to modify the fraction height (3/4") of the dimensions (see attachments) AutoCad allows you to reduce the size of the fractions to say half the height. Looks much more professional. Dimensions do not bunch up so much. Perhaps there is someway to go into the program or through ruby and change this. Any thoughts on this? If this is not possible it sure would make for a great addition to the next version of Chief. Cheers Brian X6
  15. Hello I was thinking of getting a new Macbook laptop and installing Chief on it. My not so old windows 8 laptop (1.7 GHz) will not run X6 very well. I also have a windows based main desktop computer. Are the Chief plan and layout files compatible? So in other words, can I start a drawing on my Mac laptop and save it and then open it on my windows desktop? Any vise versa. Thanks for any help Cheers Brian X6 i7Core, 3.20 GHz, 16 GB Ram, 64 Bit, Windows 8
  16. Hello Just wanted to know if anyone knows how we can export Chief layers to a pdf. I need to be able to turn on and off different layers in the pdf file. I know it is easy in AutoCad. Everyone says Chief is better. So I would imagine this should be able to be done. This is an industry standard for pdf's. I get so many drawings from surveyors and Architects that have many pdf layers to turn off and on. Please, any help would be great. Thanks Brian X6