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  1. Hi All, I have X10 question: I moved to a new computer (yay!) and am trying to get some missing library content to transfer over from my old one. I followed the instructions Reference Number: KB-00001 and KB-00091. I copied my Bonus Libraries, Core Libraries, Manufacturer Data, Manufacturer Libraries and Referenced Files from the old computer to a backup external hard drive. I then went into my program data files on the new computer and replaced those files in X10. It shows the content in the chief program file when I open it, but when I open a chief x10 drawing there still is no Manufacturer Bonus Catologs etc. only the Core catalog. Thanks for any ideas! Dave
  2. I had the same issue, so maybe this will help someone who's not that slick at computers like me. First I went to my library preferences and selected hide all on each column. I clicked ok. I then reopened it and deselected all on each column. I then updated my library items which took a while. After this I still could not see any library content or headings. Nothing was showing even when I did a search for an item. Turned out the small window that shows my library catalogs and content somehow had shrunk down while I was working! I must have slid my curser over it or something. I just pulled it down and it was fixed! Yay!
  3. That worked, thanks! BTW the concrete is for thermal mass for hot water in-floor heat on the first floor.
  4. Ok. Sorry about the delay. Having some computer issues as my video card isn"t up to snuff. Sill plate has been checked all along for the foundation. Forgive my plan as this cabin is in planning stages. Been using chief for more than 15 years and never got formal training. Here is the file. Thanks again! Dallas Divide.zip
  5. Solver: no Red X to select in layer display even though I choose auto build floor framing under foundation.
  6. still no sill plate even if I build wall framing for the foundation. I do see bottom and top plates for the pony wall in the crawlspace. Sill plates also don't show on my floor joist plan and no Red X in the layer display. I think I'll just draw in a cad box representing my sill plate and adjust floor height accordingly.
  7. Thanks for your time! I'm in foundation plan view. -Went to Build -Under Build clicked Framing -Under Framing clicked Build Framing -Under Build Framing clicked Foundation -in Foundation tab picked Automatically build floor and ceiling framing then under Subfloor for Floor 1 checked Build Floor Framing.Still No sill plate in cross section set view and no Red X under framing sill plates in it's layer.
  8. I can't figure out how to show my sill plates for my cross section view. Or perhaps I never put any in. If I select my foundation walls and in the wall specification I select "foundation", I have sill plates selected. In the section view layer display options I have framing sill plates selected but they is not a red X under the used column. I'm in chief X10.
  9. Hi all, So I just did my free upgrade from X9 to X10. Will I need to re-download all the manufacturers catalogs that I had in X9 to X10's? Or is it possible to somehow transfer it in to the library for X10? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the reply! OK this works for a vent, but now I have a permanent opening in my stem wall that shows on my foundation plan, even with windows off in my layer settings. I don't want to show the vents this way. Maybe just an arrow with a "V" at the end. and the dimensions between there markers. I do want the vents to show in my elevation views.
  11. Hi all I've been trying to show crawlspace vents that mount in the rim joist of my current project. Tried using the ones supplied in the library. Here's the problem: -If I install them on the on the first floor (plan view) I don't want them cluttering up the view and I can't hide the openings they create on my floor plan view. I put them on a different layer than the window layer and when I go to turn that layer off they do disappear but still show an opening in the wall where they were. -If I put them on the foundation level they are too low. So I tried to move them up to the rim joists using the elevation view now they are flush with the foundation and are actually behind the stucco and create a weird looking opening around it. What do others do? Spending a lot of time on this! Experimenting with a poly line solid but having trouble finding a material to look vent-ish. Thanks! Dave
  12. Yes! That worked! I had attic walls and another camera view (which showed as a dashed line that I couldn't select until I zoomed up and saw it was a camera. Thanks!!
  13. Thanks for the reply. I did that and found saved camera positions I'm guessing were from my template plan that I used to draw this plan from the previous plan. I deleted them. It is still not showing the views. I repeated the process and now only my building fills window. Still not the views correctly.When I select the entire drawing I noticed I've drawn the plan very far from the x & y axis. When I edit all floors and select move the Absolute location show X is 1592" and Y is 252,139". Thinking I screwed my settings all up because the plan I used as my template was originally from chief 9.5 as it has some layers in the all on set named 100, 199 etc. Can I copy and paste my current plan to a new blank plan?
  14. Hi. I recently purchased X9 from previously using 9.5 Thanks ahead for any help! I'm only have 2 designs in X9 right now and only one plan is doing this: When I click on perspective, orthographic and cross section views the building is no where to be seen. Just a blank appearing screen. The building is there but so tiny that I sometimes can't find it. Often it works to click "fill window building only" but when I try to pan around with my mouse the building shoots off the screen. Really a pain when roof designing! Any settings I'm missing? Thanks again!
  15. Just purchased x9 yesterday and am downloading (let it go all night) the library core content. I have restarted the download several times as it has timed out. Finally i am within 32 kb of having all the core catalog downloaded and it's stuck. Heres what it reads: 1,596,948 of 1,596,980 KB. When I go to library and click download content it says it is currently still downloading. wondering if I can close the program without full download.Thanks!Daveswork