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  1. We are going through a slow time right now due to the oil, once things pick back up, the plan is to upgrade to a workstation. I think so to Mick!
  2. That worked for me as well on Intel® HD Graphics 2000, Driver: Thank you!
  3. Awesome! thanks for all the input! Because my PC is a slim model, I don't have too many options. My IT guys suggested the GeForce GT730.
  4. These are the options I have for my particular machine. NVIDIA NVS 310 GeForce 605 1GB DMS59 NVIDIA NVS 410 NVIDIA NVS 510 2GB
  5. Thoughts on the Quadro 410 video card?
  6. Yes, was thinking that too. Looking at some options.
  7. Alright, I will look into updating my graphics card. Thanks.
  8. I am having this same issue with x7, was fine with x6. This is my info. Chief X7 Lenovo M Series, Model 7518E1U Win 7 Pro 64bit Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2400M CPU @ 3.10GHz, 4 Cores Physical Memory: 3920 MB Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 2000, Driver:
  9. Framing reference marker is what I'm looking for, thanks Robert! Thanks for the other input guys!
  10. Hello, Does anybody know how to set the starting point from where stud spacing starts? For example if stud spacing is set to 24", I would like to be able to set it, so that on a wall it would start with 24" on left side and then end with whatever is left over at the right end. Thanks in advanced, Abe