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  1. rwlang

    Omaha, NE Users?

    Are there any out there? I'm looking for help/guidance on initial setup of CA X7.
  2. New to CA. Pardon my ignorance. Can multiple users work on same plan in CA X7? We design/build very large custom homes and schedules dictate multiple users. Coming from Autocad platform.
  3. how long does your typical home take to draw (ready for pricing)? we produce two sets of drawings for each home (structural shell and millwork/cabinetry) our plans have alot of building and wall sections, details, schedules and interior elevations. a typical structural set may have 20 sheets with 20-50 millwork sheets
  4. that's unfortunate. We are a high-end, unique custom home builder and we typically draw one house at a time. with a staff of 3 draftpersons it takes us 30-60 days to complete structural shell drawings and millwork/cabinet drawings. It sounds like CA may not be right fit for us.
  5. How are larger design build firms (with large projects) drawing their plans that have staff with multiple CA users? or is CA more geared toward single users per model
  6. rwlang

    Sample Plans in CA X7?

    Does anyone know where i can download free sample plans in CA X7?
  7. is there a way draw separate floors than merge back together for model, elevations etc
  8. rwlang

    Sample Plans in CA X7?

    Thank you!
  9. rwlang

    Sample Plans in CA X7?

    They dont say what version their created in. I tried downloading several only then not being able to open.
  10. Does anyone out there offer customized CA setup services for users or companies? Or willing to share how their CA is setup/offer sample projects. I'm looking best way to achieve a predefined look/format to our structural/millwork drawings as well as utilizing 3d capabilities.
  11. rwlang

    Chief Startup Guidelines

    new CA X7 user here. Working on setting up defaults, preferences etc prior to drawings anything. I am a 27 year ACAD and ADT user with established drawing layout, look to my CD's. Im looking to use CA X7 for 3d modeling and for construction documents. I want to use my existing title block, object layer color, line weight and line types and look that i currently have in ACAD. I'm looking for some guideance from an experienced user (in both platforms preferred) to help in setting up CA. I would love to discuss further if anyone is interested.
  12. rwlang

    Chief Startup Guidelines

    I have experience in 3d using architectural desktop and revit so i have good understanding of how things are drawn. My concern is getting my cd's to look (on paper and on screen) like they do now in autodesk environment.