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  1. Hello, We are a luxury Design/ Build firm located in Southern California and have been designing and building custom remodels and homes for over 20 years. We have a full-time staff of Architectural designers and Interior designers who are drowning in projects and can't keep up with the drafting. We are looking for a professional who is familiar with California building codes and structures to assist in the following: Site plan and As-Built creation Drafting and Development of proposed floorplans, roof plan, and exterior elevations We hav
  2. Does anyone have a .pat file for an arabesque tile pattern that they'd like to share with the rest of the class? Even just tips for writing the code for patterns such as this (curved lines in particular) would be most appreciated. **Plan B** Are there programs out there that will take hatch patterns drawn with CAD lines and turn them into the text files needed to import as .pat files? You guys have always been rock stars when it comes to CA solutions. Hoping there's some constructive feedback out there somewhere. Thanks! Matt
  3. Does anyone else find that, at random times, the lighting in a room may change completely after seemingly inconsequential changes like material edits or placements of material regions? I'm finding the problem occurs most often in Standard 3D view. Sound familiar to anyone?
  4. When I have spent a lot of time in a plan, many different materials have been used and replaced, and I'm down to the final revisions and details, my beast of a computer has quite a bit of lag when editing materials. It doesn't matter whether I've edited a texture or a pattern, any time I make a change to a material it will go through several different cycles of 3D building and finalizing (12 of them is not uncommon). I'll usually be waiting 20 to 30 seconds each time which most definitely adds up when you're trying to get tile patterns placed and colors adjusted. Is this something anyone