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  1. Hey Mark Mc Thank you so much for adding those vanity models - will drop into my library! Sweet! Makes me realize that if I need to "double down" there may be folks out there that could create a 3d models much quicker than I can - I'm still a slug with CA, and hope to continue to get better. Here's a stupid one that always has stumped me - how to insert a "closet rod" into my upper cabinet (I love creating wet hang above side by side w/d with clients, they love em. I know you can probably create a 3d "tube" but it would sure be nice if CA had a resource that was a rod and and not a rod and shelf for dummies like me. I've actually forced that into a cabinet as you did the ladder shelf. To be clear - this is why I moved to CA in the first place - the point and shoot aspect. Everyone else in our company uses VW, and I find it nasty to create quick and simple concepts. So please forgive me for trying to make it idiot proof - ha ha . Note I am well aware who is who - ha ha. rgardner: thanks for being a kind and patient moderator and source of knowledge. Well explained. PS, only 4 months late to this need to reply.
  2. Here's a good example. Tile (I use backsplash tool) missing on wall elevation. Height of towel bar has to be adjusted. etc. AGAIN TO BE CLEAR - I am sure it is what I am doing wrong.....not the program? To repeat my question, is it typical to have to go back and redo all the elevations, height placement, dimension snaps if you change ceiling heights?
  4. Does anyone have advice - do I have to go back and change all my elevations (which have been sent to layout) to suit? OR is there something I did wrong in the process? I HAVE searched this issue - but to no avail. SORRY SOLVER for not putting an x in front of the 12. AND I added this to my signature. Thought it was easier in the actually message for everyone to read. Thank you.
  5. Hello Have version 12. I had to change my ceiling heights on a full plan - I did this in the default settings and it shattered all my elevations - dimensions and weird stuff happening. I take it this wasn't the place to do it? HELP! I can go back and capture backup before I did this - but does this mean that I have to redo all my interior elevations? Thank you in advance for any advice.
  6. Oh man. Many thanks again solver. You seem to be coming to my rescue all the time!. Just a little digging, and easy peasy. Was for a fireplace, BTW. But applies either way. Stay safe.
  7. Hello, Can anyone tell me if there is a straightforward way to create a corner window - where glazing meets glazing in corner. Using latest version x12 premier. Thanks all and hope everyone is staying well.
  8. Wow, I will definitely be signing into your youtube channel! Thanks for the easy to understand, easy to use directions. Thanks so much for going to this effort to help us all!! Lisa
  9. So YOU DON'T USE "Use Global Illumination" or "Texture Compression"?
  10. Yowza. It worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Methinks that when I moved from Beta to full 12 (duh that was the other thing I did), that somehow this turned off? Little glitch? Everyday is a new day with Chief - but wow do I like the PBR. Great way to blow peoples socks off - ha ha. Can you tell, do you use all three options under Troubleshooting? Again - million thanks. Would have taken me forever to find that! Lisa
  11. Camera opens, other options such as paint, tech open up as they should. Just not the Physically based.
  12. Thanks for responding! It just looks like the standard view. Not enhanced. All the finishes are appearing, just not "rendering". Lisa
  13. Hi all, Not techy - so my apologies in advance. My PBR function is not working. Got more hard drive space on my computer, and since then, it is not working. Not sure if this is connected or not? Any easy fix that I am missing? Lisa
  14. Hi all, Not techy - so my apologies in advance. My PBR function is not working. Got more hard drive space on my computer, and since then, it is not working. Not sure if this is connected or not? Any easy fix that I am missing? Lisa
  15. Thanks everyone for your insights! Have a great day. Lisa
  16. MarkMC - Sorry, just cause I'll be corrected.....wainscot. Was that a catalogue download? L
  17. Thanks MarkMc!!! That's exactly what I am talking about - other methods that work great! I'm so up to my eyeballs with work all the time, that I don't always get a chance to play, and find things like this door profile that do the job for me! Have a great day!
  18. Thanks Alaskan_Son. Really appreciate the video. Robdyck you are right, and I learn new stuff everyday.....just trying to break bad habits - ha ha. Yah. Not my first day. And YES I am using 12. However, never said I was an expert. (Note to self - when posting - reread the tone of your message) Was just wondering about other peoples methods!!! And what to do when it gets intricate. Like widening that leg and framing, for instance. Really appreciate the positive comments. It's all a learning curve, and everyone is at different speeds.
  19. Thanks Kitchen Abode. So basically - no shortcuts per se is what I am hearing. L
  20. A furniture kick is on what you see in the photo - the built up moulding at bottom edge. I use latest version CA. Not sure there is any shortcuts here. Would be great if Chief could add an extra function - like I mentioned - under "Toe Kick", they could do a moulding option (similar to the crown option)....would save a lot of time. I am trying to avoid a few steps, either by creating a cad detail, or working with polylines/mouldings. But this is what I can see is the only solution. Thought there may be other users out there that have quicker methods? Hope Chief is reading this - cause it would be a really awesome feature. As far as the end "gables" or legs on islands like the photo above - they are always a pain for me. I suppose I could build a "shell" in CAD, add it to my library, and then modify to suit as per project. They are not really a panel, and there seems to be no quick way to do them. I am talking about fancier ones, like this: Lisa
  21. Hi all, I am looking to find the "proper way" (I can do it, but doesn't look properly finished, curious to know peoples methods) in chief to do these two details: Furniture Kicks, and and built up island end panel/gable (even more challenging when the gables are thick, and have stile and rail on all sides...... Are there any shortcuts? (too bad you can't do a - in the kick, and then just plant on mouldings? ) (Wish I could have taken Intermediate K and B, on top of the Intermediate RD in Vegas :)) Thanks much Lisa PS. I know how to do panel function, thanks.
  22. For some reason when selecting import dwg - screen freezes. Browse menu not appearing as usual. Anyone have suggestions?
  23. Many thanks, kind sir. It is through all these little glitches that all the small intricacies of this program emerge. Or rather the lack of my skill and ability. Ha ha.
  24. Hi All. Was working with two monitors - down to one, and now my library won't pop up. Did the obvious. Restarted, Reset Displays. Nothing. Am I missing something?