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  1. GTdraftingdesign

    Framing not starting on outside edge of foundation wall

    Ok, My walls were set up as pony walls for step foundation. Aligning pony walls to Main Layer Outside worked. Thank you.
  2. Hi, What is the setting to start the framing on the outside edge of the foundation wall? Apparently, mine is set so that framing starts at 3/8" in.
  3. GTdraftingdesign

    Wall Material Overhang

    Now that is just crazy that brick ledge depth would change like that. Thank you for looking into it.
  4. GTdraftingdesign

    Wall Material Overhang

    My wall looks like yours. The material is falling even lower than the footing. I'm pretty confused. Kile_Office-GT06058-082317.plan
  5. GTdraftingdesign

    Wall Material Overhang

    Everything was going fine until I changed the room floor to floor supplied by the foundation room below. The image i uploaded looks correct to me. I'm not sure where to find bottom height of walls at. I'm still learning Chief.
  6. GTdraftingdesign

    Wall Material Overhang

    Hi, Can someone please explain to me how to correct a wall material overhang issue? Please see .jpg.
  7. Hi,

    I was curious about the software you use to make your videos. There are questions that i have and i think recording would be easier to ask from than typing everything out. 

    1. Alaskan_Son


      I use Snagit.  I would highly recommend it.  It's useful for a lot more than videos too and is well worth the money.

  8. GTdraftingdesign

    Blank area in hatching @ wall breaks

    I need a balloon wall. So, I should instead of breaking the wall, add another wall definition in place of the wall that I sectioned out for balloon framing?
  9. GTdraftingdesign

    Blank area in hatching @ wall breaks

    I am using x9. I've messed with the hatching for hours and hours and cannot find a way to fix the hatching problem. Even using hating within the wall definitions produces similar results near the wall break. I think what is happening is that Chief Architect (in plan view) miters the walls. So, near the break lines where walls intersect perpendicular, the miter is still present. There seems to be no way to choose how the walls intersect (in plan view). The interesting thing about all of this ... when I click on a wall in plan view, you can see that the miter is removed and the wall clearly shows as a normal wall. If that makes sense.
  10. GTdraftingdesign

    Blank area in hatching @ wall breaks

    I'm thinking the wall hatch tool is good for some things, but just filling in the stud layer (wall definitions) with a hatch produces better results. Just hurts to have to create a new wall definition just to handle simple hatching. Thanks for replying.
  11. GTdraftingdesign

    Blank area in hatching @ wall breaks

    I originally tried that. Seems like Chief's default for wall corners is to miter them together. I did find that I could select the hatch (in plan view) and pull the end nodes way from the miter. However, to pull the hatch nodes into the miter does not work. The hatch just snaps back to the miter. Is there a default setting somewhere where i can change the way corner walls connect in plan view?
  12. GTdraftingdesign

    Blank area in hatching @ wall breaks

    I hatched another wall (that had a wall break in it) using a solid hatch and quickly realized that the blank spot might occur because the wall connections at the corners in plan view are mitered. I looked around online and help in chief architect and cannot find how to change the mitered appearance in plan view. How do i change the way miter appears in plan view?
  13. GTdraftingdesign

    Blank area in hatching @ wall breaks

    Hi, I used "wall break" on a section of an exterior wall to make way for a balloon wall. The break occurred (on the exterior wall) where the center of interior wall intersects the exterior. There is a symbol that shows the wall break which look like a V @ the wall break. When I hatch 2x6 walls, a blank spot in the hatching is left behind where this symbol occurs. How do I fix this?
  14. GTdraftingdesign

    Ledger to Wall Framing

    Thank you for taking the time to help me like that. You fixed the problem, I copied what you did and it worked perfectly. Now, for the next question .......
  15. GTdraftingdesign

    Ledger to Wall Framing

    I moved the roof as Alaskan_Son suggested. What I noticed is: • the ledger is bound to the outside edge of the wall. My wall is 5 1/2" framing, 3/8" sheathing, 1/2" siding. Combined with the 1/2" gyp in the interior, the wall is a total of 6 7/8". For some reason the ledger will not move pass the exterior material (lapboard) even when I "lock" the roof framing as Gawdzira suggests. • What I'm seeing from the section cuts .. once "No special snapping" is checked for the roof and the roof is moved, Chief will add a piece of fascia to the ridge end of the rafters and the ledger still snaps to the exterior end of the 6 7/8" wall. • If the roof is moved without the framing "locked", and I rebuild the roof framing, the result is: the ledger still snapped to the exterior end of wall. • If roof "No special snapping" is checked, and the wall (that the roof is connected to) is checked for "Lower Wall Type if Split by Butting Roof", the wall will resort back to a normal wall from a ponywall and the exterior materials will display in 3D. I take that as extra materials on the cutsheets. • Turning the attic wall back into a pony wall doesn't seem to work once roof is moved. the 3D display just shows framing with exterior material towards the top of the wall. I assume that because "No special snapping" was checked, the wall does not recognize that the roof exists or vice versa. In closing ... I just want to say that I know it's my inexperience with Chief Architect. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. However, if Chief really has problems with simple structural placement such as a ledger attaching to framing or shear than I hope you (Programmers) can fix it. I expected to stay within Chief Architect as I design and frame and not have to open other CAD programs to finish work.