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  1. pretty self explanatory really, I have X10 open on windows 7, I'm using it, and this is the problem I'm encountering,
  2. Hi Eric, thanks for your advice, not sure if I'll be using X10 yet, I use X9 that is owned by a company that i sub contract to, I'll update my signature if / when i need to
  3. interestingly, I have just discovered it all works properly when my edit toolbar is docked, and also works if I go through the main edit button if my toolbar is not docked, I was on the phone to someone I know that uses X10, theirs works ok even if the edit toolbar is not docked, I might just need to reset my toolbars, but i don't really want to do that right now, I have them how I like them and don't have time right now to set them up again
  4. Hi Mark, thanks for the reply, I've checked my mouse driver and settings, it's all up to date, and i checked X10 has the latest update, I just opened X9 on the same computer, it works fine, I opened the preferences for X9 and X10 and compared them, they are all the same, has no one else had this problem ? Thanks,
  5. Hi, I'm using X10 with Windows 7, I've noticed if I copy / paste, or copy and paste in place an object, I can't scroll in or out or move until I've pasted it, for example, if i select an object, then use the copy / paste tool, I can't scroll in or out to another area of the plan to paste the item, I have to paste it somewhere, then select it, then scroll across to where i want to put it. I can't remember having this problem with previous versions, I'm sure it wasn't the same with X9, though a month or so ago i was using V11 (on someone elses computer), and it did the same... I've been through the Preferences settings, I can't see anything i can change to fix it, is this how it is, or am i missing something ? It's quite frustrating, a lot slower than I'm used to working, any assistance would be much appreciated, thanks
  6. ok, sorry for not making it clear enough to understand...
  7. Hi Dermot, thanks, just an update to the issues I'm having... we tried it all on another machine here at the office, results as follows: editing the anno sets and being sent to Active Layer Default - still happening on both machines (as per Mark's video); null pointer error when locking walls normal layer within the Active Layer Display Options - still happening on both machines, and with different plan files... ( I see now this only happens if I select the wall first, then lock it while the layer is highlighted, it seems fine if just locking it with nothing selected)... dbx flashing when swapping from camera or section views to floor plan view - only happening on my machine... I made a video of it, but its upside down and 88MB (hence why I'm not a photographer)... if it's isolated to my machine, I'll see what I can do re. that... Re. this last point, just while I am writing this, I see it is the edit toolbar that is flashing off and on... (I have it floating not docked......) I just tried docking the edit toolbar, now it doesn't seem to happening.... could someone else try ? undock the edit toolbar, and leave it floating somewhere on the screen, (with or without anything selected).. and see if you have any problem switching from camera or elevation / section views to floor plan views ?, seems to mostly happen with the window tool button, not as bad or often when using the screen tabs...
  8. I've just uninstalled Chief, and reinstalled from the current version (not by installing and updating the previous version), the problem of the null pointer error message when locking the walls normal layer is still occurring, the other issue of swapping between windows is still happening to at least some extent, it might take a few days to see if it is exactly as it was
  9. Hi Dermot, see attached images, I selected a wall, and used the Active Layer Display Options to lock the layer, I got this error message, now if I hit ok, or try to close the error dbx, it will just keep coming back, only way I can find to get rid of it, is to close Chief down, it does give enough time between it coming back to save and close the files normally, without forcing a shut down, It is happening with several files, but not all the time, and seems to mostly happen when locking Walls Normal layer or Rooms layer.. I just closed Chief down, went back to exactly where I was, followed the same steps, and it happened again... Error message when locking walls 2.pdf Error message when locking walls.pdf
  10. Hi Mark, excellent video, that's exactly what I was referring to (and the sounds seems ok to me) (I didn't realise I had it playing on automatic loop, so took me awhile to realise why you were showing the same thing over again..)
  11. Hi Dermot, thanks, I'll uninstall and reinstall, and see if that works, it'll be a couple of days before I have time to properly do it, I'll post with the results
  12. Hi Tommy, I'm getting the issue either way I change between screens, either from the window toolbar or the screen tabs
  13. Hi Peter, sorry I didn't look at your attachment, I'm just browsing on my phone... it'll be interesting to learn what the solution is...
  14. thanks for the reply, they are both frustrating issues, I was sort of hoping it wasn't a graphics card issue, it was no problem with any previous version, one other issue I've had is sometimes if I select an object, then use the active layer display to lock the layer, I get a db saying a serious error has occurred, I close the db, but it keeps coming back, so far every time I have had to close chief down and restart it (it only happens sometimes, and I think mainly with the walls normal and rooms layers )
  15. I think it might be the layer Cross Section Lines need to be displayed, that worked for us