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  1. Well I did zip the 3DS file with the textures and uploaded. Actually I have uploaded 3 models all created with the same version of Chief (9) and the same procedure. Two have uploaded and looked great. The other one uploaded and created the model but no textures. Can't figure out what is wrong. David I considered the panorama and 3D viewer option but was looking for something that I can just send a link to. Would be great if I could create a link to the panorama viewer with the specific file name and have it automatically view but this doesn't seem to be an available option. Using annotations in Sketchfab that go to specific room views seems to accomplish the same thing.
  2. I have recently tried to upload a model following the instructions in Dan Bauman's video. The model uploads and the model is displayed but no textures are shown (it's basically shade of grey). The texture files are included in the .zip file with the .3DS file. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I'm using latest version of Chief to build the .3DS file.