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  1. It seems the default vertical siding, B&B, is 12"x 2". Is there a way to change it to 16"x3" or even 24"x4"
  2. Thanks everyone! I began this plan to show my wife some concepts with what would do with the porches and some basic interior work. It was never intended for prime time. LOL painting the wall exteriors, building a concrete wall around the base of my front porch were all just to show cosmetically what it would look like to her. Thank you all for the feedback. I will certainly use this forum more in the future. I have tons of questions.
  3. this was literally the first attempt at drawing with this software when I got Chief. this is my house, so it is basically a learning ground. I have progressed from this plan quite a bit, but thanks. You should see the screened porch I put on the back recently. OOPS, that sounded like an invitation for people to see how loose my drawings are still. :-) Thanks again. I am working on building up my catalogues and I will see if that helps.
  4. I may have some work to do with the Core and other catalogues. Thanks for your help, I will be working on this. Cheers! Steven
  5. I am slow I think. I found your link to the signature for the forum. i'll try to fill that out soon. As you might guess, I am not a forum user very often. Any idea on the siding alteration?
  6. Yes. I copied Siding 4 to make a vertical siding wall, but I don't know how to change the siding. I was able to do this on X9 but with the upgrade, I am not sure if I did not download some library or something. still don't know what a signature is. done see anything in blue...
  7. not sure why, just zoom back out I think.
  8. OK so I don't know how to copy a file in here. tried it two ways.. WTH?
  9. I will try to attach a plan. it is the first plan I tried two years ago and I will pull it up now and then and try new things. so I don't screw up a real plan. I am trying to crate a new wall type with board and batton for the basement level.
  10. While in the plan, I can go to the library browser and find normal items like fixtures etc. is that what you mean?
  11. I am an intermediate user and have just upgraded to X10. I have most everything working, however when I want to change a wall type from horizontal lap to board and batton there are no options to change it. I open the wall type, copy and create a new one, and when I open the pattern or texture fields, select materials box opens but nothing seems activated. I can open the plan materials, but I seem to be unable to change the existing. Any help out there?
  12. I am new to Chief and need a more experienced user to help with some designs. We are a Design Build firm specializing in all levels of remodeling from small additions to whole house remodels. Please reach out if you are interested in this opportunity. - Steven
  13. I am VERY new to this program, and until a few weeks ago I was pushing a pencil around my drawing board. I was watching the instructional video on creating a CAD block of the as-built drawings to be used as an overlay/mask on my plan view so I could move walls and see where the original walls were. In creating the block, I think I did everything correct, but I accidentally clicked on exploded view of the block. it did not seem to do anything, however when I move the block to my drawing, a few parts and pieces of the drawing are missing. is there a way to undo this error? or, should I start over? Thank you! Steven