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  1. Hello, The attached rendered (pic#1) showed the sky reflective from the glass widow and pic#2 is the project I am working on. I am not sure if it is a sky window itself. If it does not, can Chief Architect be able to accomplish this? Please help. Thank you,
  2. Hi Solver, I used your attached plan, the problem is I can't move the rail up since but it does not have the elevation reference. My arch window is 3' by 2' and the top of window is 7' above the finish floor. I would be fine as I applied balcony in the Bonus Exterior Attachment Library.
  3. Thanks so much, that will be help, but I am still trying Solver's method. Much appreciated all your help.
  4. Hi Solve, Can you explain a little detail how you did it? Have tried several ways but not successful. Much appreciated.
  5. Hi, I need to create a decorative railing wrapping around the windows. How can I accomplish this in Chief Architect? Thank you,
  6. Hi, I have problem to place the molding right under the flat eave and I have to move down the molding 3" to make it visible as you look on the right side. I knew there was a video showing how to but couldn't find it. If anyone can help, very much appreciate.
  7. Hi Chowsaw,

    Regarding the how to import iron door from manufacture, if you have time, can you do a private demo video?  THank you,



  8. Solver, Can you have the file in older version of X8? I can't open the file since it kept saying "I am running an older version of C.A. X8....". Thank you,
  9. Hi Solver, Much appreciated if you're willing to make a video of the window and a poly solid, and turned it into a door symbol. I would love to see it. Thanks again,
  10. Hi Solver, Go through all the library for this door but couldn't find it, what door type and model is it? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for help everyone, I used a slab door type and "Strech to Fit". As Dave mentioned in previous post, the image only shows in Standard view but not Vector view rendering, please see images below.
  12. Here what it look like when clipping an image and create a material and apply to it, will try David's method and see how it works, thanks.
  13. Hi, I have a client who wants to have a iron door from manufacture like 1st picture below. I have problem to import the iron door into my drawing in 2nd pic., please help. Thanks.