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    Looking for plans

    I am looking for a series of easy to build homes plans that I can use and publish on my website. Also someone who can check my plans before applying for a building permit. Looking for ongoing business relationship. This is new construction only.
  2. 38383838g

    Need Help With Plans - Training or Renderings?

    Can you call me tomorrow after 1 pm pst. 509-309-6264 I am looking for some help on my plans and getting more plans.
  3. 38383838g

    Need plans for my website

    Hi, I am modifying my website. I am a home builder and am looking for some easy to build interesting home designs. Can you help? If you can text me at 509-270-8632
  4. 38383838g

    Need a Chief Tutor

    I am looking for a tutor who can fine tune my chief skills from design, plan blue print layout and rendering. Feel free to call me at 509-270-8632.
  5. 38383838g

    Need a Chief Tutor

    What does it cost for training?
  6. 38383838g

    Buy chief architect Premier

    I am looking for a used Chief Architect Premier software package. Anyone have one that comes with the license.