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  1. Ok, so with further experimentation I get why and have found the work arounds.
  2. I find it odd that a program that takes all its measurements to the inside (sheetrock to sheetrock) but at wall intersections it references the center. Would be great if you could set it to stay with all surface references since these intersections are usually your points where you orient adjoining rooms.
  3. I am trying to lighten the fill patterns (brick, shingles etc) to show separation in 2d
  4. On my layout sheets I am trying to lighten wall sections in elevation view to show definition between where they recess. I am using color off and it is hard to tell where a wall starts and stops.
  5. I am trying to lighten wall sections to show definition between varying wall depths. In elevation view on layout with color off it is hard to see where a wall starts and ends. I am using x9