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  1. Hello, Our architect uses AutoCad and can give me DWG files. I am looking for someone to convert these to Home designer Architectural 2016 compatible so that I can do a 3d view. Our architect does not do 3D. Please let me know coast and schedule. Thank you, Ciaran
  2. Hi Xterix, What would you charge to put the attached in Home Designer ? Thanks Ciaran 4 2ND Floor.pdf 2 Foundation.pdf 3 1ST Floor.pdf
  3. Hi Rose, I have 8 dog files that are re;lated to the one house. site, floor1, floor2, roof etc. Thanks for asking Ciaran
  4. Hi David, Wouldn't the sketch over be time consuming. I have never done it, so have nothing to base that assumption on. I appreciate your help Thanks Ciaran BTW your you-tube channel is very impressive.
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    Need 3D Renderings, I can help!

    Hi Laura, I am wondering if you can help me convert DWG files so that I can access them in Home Designer? Thanks