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  1. Hi There! I'm Laura, a 3D Visualization Artist/Designer. If you need 3d rendering services, I can help you out. Here are just a few renderings to show you what I can do and don't forget to check out my website Inspirational Interiors. Please contact me today for your free estimate! Thank you for your time and consideration. -Laura
  2. Hi Todd, Are you still searching for assistance? I specialize in 3D Interior Renderings but offer other services such as elevations /section drawings, perspective overviews and 2d/3d floor plans to name a few. I'm currently working in Chief X7 Premier. My degree is in Interior Design and my background is in Kitchen & Bath design. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you. Feel free to check out my website Inspirational Interiors, for more information and pricing. Thanks so much! -Laura
  3. lstratto27

    3D Renderings

    This gallery is a collection of 3D Renderings created by Laura Stratton at Inspirational Interiors. Please view my website for more information on services and pricing.
  4. Thanks everyone, yes I'll have to remember I can change the amount of hinges next time. @KayNordby -Yes, the full render was in Chief and then I did a few post production things in Photoshop. Mostly with the lighting. Thank you so much for the lovely complement!
  5. Ever wondered how close 3D Renderings can get to an actual photo? Check out the rendering I just created using Chief Architect software for photo realistic results. Big thanks goes out to Jo McKeown at Great Spaces! in Alpharetta, GA for letting me use her beautiful kitchen design as inspiration. Thanks again Jo! For more information on design services, please contact Jo McKeown at Great Spaces! For more information regarding 3D Rendering services, please contact Laura at Inspirational Interiors. Thank you for viewing!
  6. Thanks Graham, great information. Unfortunately, I've let some of my previously rendered images run over night and they look no different than hour 4. However, I'll check on some of your other suggestions and see if that helps. Thanks again!
  7. @ TheKitchenAbode I think it was a total of 10 passes in that time. It's a really detailed kitchen though with lots of lighting and stainless steel appliances. Plus I'm using photon mapping to get my stainless steel to show up so that setting is suppose to take longer. On another note does anyone know what legacy shadows are (in preference settings) and what legacy compatible texture mapping means under default settings? Also anyone know what hardware edge smoothing does? Just trying to understand the settings and if they could help fix my problem. Thanks, Laura
  8. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the suggestions. I've been able to get them to look better but their still a little grainy after 3 hours. My computer is a new Mac OS X, has a great video card and is top of the line. Tried rendering with photon mapping with less lights and different preference settings. Like I said better, but still a bit noticeable. I'll post an update if I still encounter issues going forward. Thanks again for the advice. -Laura
  9. Hi Guys, I need help figuring out why my interior ray traces are all coming out grainy and pixelated? Does anyone know what settings I'm using that could produce this effect. Photon Mapping, Caustics, etc? I should mention I have X7 and leave my ray traces for 3-4 hours. I come back to an ok picture but they're still slightly grainy and pixelated. I've experimented with lighting, materials and settings. Watched tons of videos, searched the knowledge base and I still can't figure it out. Also, I sent customer support this question who referred me to the videos. Yeah... those videos are not updated (versions X1 and X3 are a bit different than X7) sorry customer support but on this one you were not helpful. At this point I'm very frustrated and have no clue how to fix this problem. I've spent so much time on this I could scream. Please help!! Thanks, Laura
  10. 3D Interior Rendering Services Available Are you a busy design professional? Maybe you don't have time to spend waiting for those renderings to download? Does the thought of creating 3d images from scratch, make you exhausted just thinking about it? Well look no further! I create 3d photo-realistic renderings for you to impress your clients and make your projects look amazing! I'll help you land that perspective client, meet that deadline and save you from feeling overwhelmed, not to mention overworked! I'll not only help you save time but also bring out the beauty of your design project. I work with contractors, builders, cabinet suppliers, interior designers, realtors, home stagers and many other professionals in the field of design. Let me show you just how much of an asset I can become for your business. Contact me today for a free custom quote! Can't wait to work with you! -Laura *Please note: I've attached just one example from my portfolio. Please see my website for other projects I've worked on. Thanks!