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  1. Hey,

    everything worked quickly open plan eg change color switch from one to the other now suddenly everything will take a very long time when I open a camera view this takes o as long as a minus how is this and what can I do about it


    greetings Paul

    foto traag laden.jpg

  2. Hey,

    I am trying to get the gray borderon the wall  as shown in the photo and wanted to do this with the wall material region but if I want to draw this in elevation view this will not work what am I doing wrong



  3. Hey,

    I made a garden house in Chief X10 and now I at the end of the roof give the finish with arcs exactly the photo.
    I have edited this in photoshop and made it a .ping now my question is can I use a .ping in chief x10 because I can import this ping but then I see nothing on the camera in 3D someone can tell me how make wavy tip


    goot tuinhuis 3.bmp

    goot tuinhuis 3.bmp

    roof end.jpg

    goot tuinhuis 3.jpg