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  1. Hello there! My name is Alec. Myself and my partners have been using Chief Architect for two years now to do Full-blown Construction Documents. The more we use it though the more we realize we still don't know about this program. We'd love to meld minds with other Chief users in the SoCal area and create a network of professionals with the mutual goal of improving work-flow and speed up turn-around time. Please reach out if you'd like to join us in our quest for GREATNESS!
  2. Hello everyone, I want to know who the top 10 Chief Architect users in the world are. Do you know any or are you one of them?
  3. DouglasC

    What is "great" design?

    Ok guys, so we are all creatives here. I think we can have a candid discussion about where design is at as a whole in our industry. Here are a couple questions: 1) What do you think constitutes "Great" design when it comes to residential buildings? 2) Do you think that the whole minimalist movement (boxes being hailed as glorious design) is really intellectually honest? I feel it's selling ourselves short. No?
  4. I have been using Chief Architect for 4+ years. It's the only tool we use at our firm and we have never lacked anything. 

    The VR & 3D viewer is especially fun with clients. 

  5. DouglasC

    Who are the top 10 Chief Architect User Experts?

    Thank you so much for this list. Really a great resource. Although I have been using the program for some time (4+ years) I want to know more. I want to really know how to use the program so we can improve our production time. So again, Thank you. I see some on this list who are in my area so I will try to reach out to them for some instruction.
  6. DouglasC

    Who are the top 10 Chief Architect User Experts?

    Too funny. haha
  7. DouglasC

    Who are the top 10 Chief Architect User Experts?

    Bob? Haha I'd be excited to hear more about Bob. Is there a link you would suggest?
  8. DouglasC

    Who are the top 10 Chief Architect User Experts?

    The best meaning most knowledgeable about use of the program and successful in it's use. I want to learn from them.
  9. DouglasC

    Looking For Drafter In Southern Ca

    adrienne11D My company is based in SoCal. We have two proficient draftsmen working from homes (one in Palmdale and the other in Arrowhead). We have an architect we work with who lives in Rancho Cucamonga. We do a lot of as-builting work in the area and are EXCLUSIVE Chief Architect users. Shoot me an email or give me a call if you'd like to talk further about possible collaborations. [| 909-754-0209 ] See attached a sample of our work. Jackson_CDs_3.0.compressed.pdf