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  1. Hi Kelly thanks for posting the cladding. I'm a new user to Chief Architect which I discovered only by accident having previously used Sketchup for my basic designs. I have downloaded your cladding library which I'm most grateful for as I searched all through the default libraries without success So Happy now haha. I want to now apply the cladding as a new wall component along with the Framing, Builders Paper, Insulation & Plasterboard but am stumped on how to do so. I'm using X8 btw. Your library was imported automatically into the User Catalog and while it appears to recognise and permit dragging and dropping onto my floor plan showing the + symbol, I can't see where it actually applies it!! I have also tried using the 3D>Material Painter>Material Painter Component Mode (which works perfectly from with the Core Catalogs) but cannot use it from within the User Library Wonder if you (or anyone else) can help perhaps Yours 'Frustratingly' Phil