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  1. Thank you everyone. It was a microsoft windows 10 issue. Created havoc in all of my software. They sent a repair and rebooted and it worked. Blue color completely gone and my library is back to normal. Strange that windows 10 can change Chief's library info. Thank you for all of your suggestions! Mardie
  2. Started up drawings to day and everything is light blue. Strange color. The entire interior paint color of a 10,000 sqft house I am doing changed to light blue, even though the color says 255,255,255 and that was not it's original color numbers were completely different. This is a copy and saved color I have been using for a year. Everything has a bluish tinge. Paint colors I created have changed to light blue. Of course, these drawings - all 20 pages are due Sunday night. Please help!!!
  3. We are looking for a CA draftsman in the Boise area to take our completed floor plans and 3D interiors and turn them into working drawings, elevations, sections, etc... No architectural drawings needed, that will be done by others, just interiors. We usually do it ourselves, but are too busy to meet current deadlines. You can reach us here or directly, Thanks!
  4. I am in Kitchen Bath layer set, NKBA dimensions, defaults for 1/16" is checked, but drawing is showing in feet and inches instead of just inches? Never had this happen before in x10. Anyone else have this problem? Solutions?
  5. Didn't work, I deselected on all of the options for elevations.
  6. How do I get the second floor elevation markers off my first floor plan? second floor elevation markers.pdf
  7. Drywalled doorway openings - I cannot change the opening to the same color as the walls??? See attached. I've changed the wall materials to all drywall and painted the same wall color. I'm at a loss on how to solve this problem? drywall doorway color.pdf
  8. See attached error message. This comes up about every week in the few months. Tech support told me to uninstall and reinstall. I have done it at least 10 times. Anyone else having this problem. I'm on x9 and have been a Chief Architect user for at least 15 years.
  9. End walls different color?  Did material painter and still doesn't change.  Changed the wall defination to all drywall and still not working.  I haven't seen this happen on my other drawings.  Help :)  See picture

    wall ends.pdf

  10. When I select a group of items typically an arrow will appear that allows me to reposition the items any degree of angle I wish. Right now, I'm selecting to reposition to 90 degrees and the "arrow" is now showing up and now allowing me to move anything. ??
  11. Thank you Chopsaw! Worked perfectly!
  12. I am designing a showroom with a 24' ceiling, but the display walls are 8'. How do I create varied wall heights? thanks, Mardie
  13. Did the same thing to me! I took my computer in and they said I have to buy a new computer because my video card cannot handle it and I just bought a new computer last year. I opened a drawing in x9 for a 3-D presentation and it was a total embarassment. Then, I couldn't go back into x8. It's costing me over $1000. and delays for a project. Love Chief Architect and have been with it since day one, but a warning would have been nice.
  14. Today I checked my time, which I had estimated 6 hours this week and it stated 186 hours??? I don't always log out at night when I'm working on a drawing because it says it has "timed out." I have been using Chief Architect for 15 years and currently running X9. It should be easy for the system to keep track of the time I spend on one particular drawing - any remedy's? Thanks, Mardie
  15. Thank you - I have created several polyline multiple copy sizes, but your video was very helpful because it was much more efficient than the way I was creating them. Thank you - Alaska Son
  16. How can I center a fill pattern? For example. I'm creating a tile floor pattern and the cross angle hatch doesn't center in the allocated space. Even in a perfect square, it still does not center. Also creating an elevation of tile designs that don't allow me to center the design from wall to wall, as it would be installed by a tile setter. Am I missing something? Thanks