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  1. Long delay, but just signed back in...Your all's above info and advise regarding dealing with PDF's is excellent. Part of my problem was operating on a new laptop and not having the GPU and power settings correct to engage the AMD graphic card. I'll try to handle the PDF's more carefully. The laptop is for mobile work. It seems to handle CA pretty quick and smooth so far, but I haven't really put the weight of a big plan file on it yet. THANKS! Samsung Pro 9, 940XSN i7-8550U CPU , 1.80 GHz 16.0 GB RAM, INTEL UHD GRAPHICS 620 AND AMD RADEON 540 GRAPHICS
  2. I have to sign off for the night... Will resume in morning. Thanks!
  3. Thanksfor the reply.... All on Cad Default is checked.
  4. I imported a 12mb pdf to CA and I can't see it on the display. I clicked on the all on set, and nothing. Clicked full screen of drawing, nothing. Zoomed out, zoomed in, nothing. Where is it?
  5. To: Steve Nestor Your video on porch design is excellent and very helpful! I'm now working on a sun-porch with post to beam rail-type. I want to extend the porch posts down through the framed deck-floor platform to the sloping terrain below, without having to draw solid poly-lines below each auto-generated post above. I replicate the same type railing wall on the "foundation" below, except make it post to ceiling, balloon through ceiling and have no floor or footings, It would be nice if I could grab each individual post and pull the bottom up to the desired elevation in relationship to the grade with a footing under it. If you know a better way, let us know. Attached image shows experimental porch structure in fore-ground using methods above. What I'm working on is in background. Thank you very much, Steve Brown
  6. Working on cad section details, and temporary dimensions reach out and grab objects in the next galaxy, and complicate trying to edit a polyline or object in a small detail like a cornice design. Does not seem to have a "Reach" setting in Defaults. Thousands of extension lines all over the place. Drives me crazy. Looked it up in Knowledge Base, and it said it locates objects 4' away. Well that might as well be in Alpha Centauri. Help Will Robinson!