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    Posted October 23, 2020  
    I briefly read the above comments, and did not watch this video again, but see if it gives you an idea.
    From this thread

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    See this thread to get you started.
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    Give this a try

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    After you click the Break tool, then

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    See if this gets you started.
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    You need to open an object (window, wall, room, etc) to get a Specification Dialog.
    Check to make sure the Chief window is maximized and the bottom of the window is not simply off screen.
  13. solver's post in Changing exterior wall heights - straight wall with break in middle union again when heights change was marked as the answer   
    I'll guess those are parapet walls with a roof that sits behind them, and does not extend over them.
    Here I drew the wall shown selected, then drew 2 ceiling planes above the wall. Note how Chief automatically built walls to fill in between the ceiling plane and the wall below. 
    The ceiling plane may be thickened and used as a wall cap, or made thinner as needed.
    When you adjust wall heights manually, Chief gives up control over those walls and you are then responsible for them.

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    It has changed probably as a result of the recent forum software update.
    I sent a message to one of the admins this morning requesting it be raised -- it was 25MB.
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    Posting a sample plan will help.
    1/2" thick Material Region.

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    Draw in a wall on the second floor level, set it to Roof Cuts Wall at Bottom if you don't want it to show in the inside, or set the Lower Wall Type if Split by Butting Roof if you want an interior wall below.
    You usually need to pull the roof planes back, then move them up against the wall for the settings to take effect.
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    Here is one using a 2nd floor. 
    WALLS 1 (eric).zip
  23. solver's post in Locking Roof Planes On Detached Garage was marked as the answer   
    Since the garage has such a simple roof, I'd just manually build it after getting the house roof correct.
    You can auto build at 4/12. Uncheck Roof Over This Room for the garage, then check Retain Edited Automatic Roof Planes when you build the roof, and the garage roof will stay at 4/12.
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    Please visit the Home Designer forum where you will find help specific to your product.
    To answer your question, you just need the version that matches your software.
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    Add the second floor, creating the space above the garage.
    Uncheck the No Room Definition from all the walls.
    Structure panel -- set the Room Below to 9' and the ceiling height to what it needs to be.
    Set Open Below and Ceiling Over This Room as needed.
    house plan DEFINATE (eric).plan