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    Floor Joists VS. Floor Trusses

    I agree that web floor trusses should be available in the drop down menu just like any other kind of joist. It would also be great if you could upload the manufacturers specs (widths, spans etc) for their floor trusses/joist and the framing generated from those specs. I am not sure if you can input the spec manually but it would be a job I would like to avoid.
  2. desertstorm

    Full Height Foundation Wall Under Porch

    Just wondered if anyone had a solution to members problem with creating a basement below a porch. Need to have a slab on the top and a full foundation with floor and 9 foot ceilings. Automatic foundation build does not seem to recognize the porch walls even though your define them with a foundation and a bearing wall. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Need construction drawings completed in a couple of weeks. I have most of the design completed in Chief x8. Using SIP's for walls and roof as well as and vaulted ceiling on 2 floor. Need help with roof, foundation, framing and possibly layout on lot plan. House is Craftsman design, 3600 sq feet 3 floors including basement. Mark