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  1. DC 7 Designs has been in the business of creating drawings & construction documents from Chief Architect Premiere for nearly 3 years. The previous 5 years we used AutoCAD, working part time work. Drawings are the bread & butter of our work, though we do love seeing a remodel from start to finish, including procurement of the interior furnishings and styling. We're a day's drive to High Point Market and share my discount with my clients. We are a full service interior design firm that depends heavily on Chief Architect to share the potential that a house & property may have. If you know anyone in the greater Nashville area, let them know we are available. We do a thorough discovery process, do a "trade day," create as-built's, complete the design, get quotes and pricing and offer a complete presentation including samples of finishes & furnishings with the construction documents. The process takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks depending on the size of the project, so trades can schedule the work in advance. We team up with local contractors for the building process and work in tandem with the GC. All plans are examined by Structured Engineering LLC or the contractor's own Engineer. In the house below, the colonial front porch was completely removed and the upper floor was removed to make a wall of glass to enjoy the view of the valley below.
  2. I came across this on Instagram and though I would share it with you. Surely there is someone in Canada who can help this designer out.
  3. Very true. I haven't got an official bid from the structural engineer. He needs answers to questions to make a quote. If I don't get this one, it's really no loss as I am trying to grow another direction. I just want to avoid dozens and dozens of free hours on fill-in jobs.
  4. Thanks, another reason to bring in my structural guy.
  5. I added in $10,000 for the structural engineer (his highest amount to date) to get him covered in my bid. Also, since she is acting as the owner-builder (her own General Contractor), I thought he could help act as a consultant. Hence the highest cost estimate. I also added in costs ($5k) for a "Trade Day" which I use for remodels. I pay my trades their hourly rate in the beginning stages of a remodel to consult with them before I go past conceptual design. With a re-build, I will do so virtually: sending each trade a copy of my conceptual design and get their input before I spend a lot of her money designing something that may have to change. I pay these Trades for their time. She is on a budget, so I'm not sure she wants to do either of those best practices that I follow. I recommended an "owner-builder" book for her to read. She seems undaunted by the responsibility and Tennessee does allow this. Anyway, I gave her a bid of $22,000 of which I expect to receive just over $7k. This is a lot of money out of her budget, but since she doesn't have a GC, I felt it necessary to add these fees in just to have an allowance if we need it to consult my structural engineer or the trades. I'm only asking for $1,000 retainer and I will bill my hourly rate right away, monthly. I'll hold the retainer for end of project work and if paid for all of my time, I return any unused retainer to the client. I did see the house today. It is ok in the basement. My structural engineer couldn't make it but said that to demo it this week, just be sure the demo crew know what they are doing. As you can see in the pics, the fire did not get down to the basement, but she does want to change the footprint of the house. That's why I wanted to design it first before they demo it so we could base it off the current foundation. Any comments on measuring this house? I can measure the exterior fairly well, but I'm not sure what else I will need to gather other than foundation size. Thoughts? We shall see if I get the gig. I may not want it if she can't agree to bring in my structural engineer at least for an occasional consultation and a review of plans. That I really need.
  6. There is a Contractor's Waiver of Lien that has a payment line to be noted and must match the bid. If I put in the number for my bid plus my engineer's fees and the cost goes over, then I do not have the recourse to use the legal method of a lien to collect payment over that number. I have not been in business long enough to encounter such a problem, so I'm inclined to trust that my bid is high enough to not need more and that if I did, it would be such an amount that the loss would be minimal - not worth such a legal action. Thoughts?
  7. I am qualified to design the house and have a structural engineer with whom I consult with on all projects that involve the structure. I've trained in AutoCAD, but switched to Chief Architect because it is so easy to do. Interior Design school requires drafting and modeling experience and I've been drawing additions and remodels for two years now. I've done a couple of full house plans, again with my structural engineer making comments about that portion of the work. As an interior designer, my qualifications are sound, but I do not build the house. I could hire contractors to do the work (as I do with remodels) in order to act as the owner-representative, but if I understand what she has said, she wants to do this herself. She has a guy chomping at the bit to do demo this week. I feel she needs to wait until the design is complete. Anyway, I am selling design services and homeowner assistance, not design-build projects. That is what I am bidding on. Here is what I've estimated (with really no clue how many hours it will take): Estimated time for Lawson project (Phases 1 & 2 Only): The estimated time below is just an estimate; You will be billed at the hourly rate for hours worked. The final total could be more or less than quoted, depending on a number of factors including thorough planning, number of changes in the plans, etc. Be sure you think through all the details possible and communicate them at any time via email so they are in writing. List all desired changes in bullet points at your earliest convenience. 30 Hours for Principal & 3D Modeling @ $115.00 per hour $3.450.00 20 Hours for Senior Account Manager @ $95.00 per hour $1,900.00 10 Hours for Measuring/Construction Documents @ $115.00 per hour $1,150.00 10 Hours for Administration @ $75.00 per hour $ 750.00 2 Visits @ 54.5 cents for every mile of business travel driven: (49.4 miles one way .55 X 49.4 X 2 = $54.34 per visit) x 2 $ 108.68 Estimated Designer Fees: $ 7,358.68 See attached Structural Engineer fees $_______.____ I think this covers my work pretty well. The hourly rate reflects my perceived value. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Yes, she does, but the bank requires paperwork before disbursing funds. That is the bid and some other docs to sign. I just don't know how to bid with so little information and a graph paper plan drawn by the owner-builder.
  9. Has anyone had to bid a projected cost for a bank to approve the rebuild of a new house (owner designed)? I will be drawing the plans for the new build and making the owner design more accurate for the purpose of getting a permit. She has a contractor to build the project, so I'm only bidding the design. Will I be held to this bid strictly? My prospect cannot pay me anything at all until the bank issues the check. What step does this happen? How can I avoid doing work for free? She wants the burned remains to be demolished this coming Thursday, Nov. 29th. She may want to use part of the existing foundation if it is structurally sound. I know I need to go on site to take photos and measurements where possible. Any thoughts?
  10. Viszonlatasra! I lived there back in the 90's for four years while at the American Embassy. I may have forgotten how to spell "hello."
  11. I use Studio Designer which does it all. I was hoping to find a way to see my time at a glance in order to enter into SD in less time. I'll just have to set aside time for this. Thanks!
  12. I work on many projects, going back and forth from one to another throughout the day or week. Is there a way to see my time spent on all projects or do I have to go into each plan to find my time individually?
  13. I agree. It is very stressful to think that I would have to do anything above my training.
  14. WIDRIG_ADDITION_One_Level_Smaller_old_entry.plan
  15. I was hired to design a remodel. In the process of creating the design/construction documents, I was asked to create a foundation plan. I am an interior designer. I have no training for construction, and I've informed my client of this many times. Yet, they keep asking me to do the work of a professional draftsman. How do I complete this project and how do I never get this kind of surprise ever again? I design spaces, not structures, and it is causing me a great deal of stress because I have no idea what I should do. Help. Attached is my pdf and the requested type of foundation as well as the file. Thanks, guys. 2018 06 WIDRIG CONSTRUCTION DOCS 2018 07 23.pdf 02.pdf WIDRIG CONSTRUCTION DOCS_2018_07_05.layout
  16. Thanks to David, I got all the corrections take care of.
  17. The contractor wants it all done on 11 x 17 pages. I have no clue how to change it other than when printing. How do I change it before printing? If you know how, I'd love the help.
  18. I have a model drawn and layout pages that need corrections done tonight. I am too stressed to think about technical details and the contractor needs them asap. I just got in over my head. I'll need to email the files, but here is the info for corrections. CONNER New Design 01.pdf SKM_C224e18062118270(1).pdf Connor Markups (structural)(1).pdf
  19. Thanks so much for the encouragement.
  20. Thanks for the video! I learned that to cut the wall, the hole in the roof must be connected to the exterior wall on the outside. I didn't know that. I also learned that those missing attic walls had nothing to do with my inexperience! I didn't realize that it was a bug issue. That was one of my issues too. Thanks again! I turned in the project and will hear back if they liked it in a couple of weeks.
  21. Eric, thanks so much for checking out the plan. I really like the way the roof looks. On the back, I need to draw in the two rear dormers. Here is what is happening: 1) I drew in the wall (No roof plane yet) 2) I selected Lower Wall Type When Split By Butting Roof, leaving the other box unchecked. 3) I painted the shingle siding to the outside part. That worked for the front half of the dormer wall, but there is a small triangle that still shows drywall. 4) I painted that small triangle, but it is changing the interior wall as well. The first three photos show what I did. So I added the roof plane. The hole in roof was on the main roof to open up the space under the shed dormer. When I moved the hole edge to line up with the exterior siding, the hole jumped up to the shed dormer. Now the hole is there in the shed dormer! (4th photo) I'm sure there is something about the program I haven't learned how to manipulate. I appreciate the help! RSU_MOSS_ADDITION_3_(eric_1).plan
  22. Still having problems getting the gable walls to show up in the 3D view and also with having the exterior shingle wall but an interior wall underneath. When I go the the roof tab in the spec box, I select roof cuts wall at bottom and then to change to interior 6 below that to carry the weight. Still, I'm either getting an exterior wall all the way down or it disappears. I never dreamed in a million years I'd be doing roof design, but it's what my clients are asking for, so it's been a crash course in trial & error for six months now. Thanks, Deb RSU_MOSS_ADDITION_3.plan
  23. I copied the file and deleted some cameras. RSU_MOSS_ADDITION_3_help.plan