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  1. WOW. I cannot believe it was that simple. Problem Solved!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  2. I have a plan open with the "Active Layer Set Control" set to Architectural Set. Therefore, I can see my wall layers (1/2" drywall on 2 x 4 studs). When I send it to layout, it automatically goes to "default set" and does not show the wall layers in the layout. I double click on the plan that is on the layout page to go back to the plan, and now the plan's "Active Layer Set Control" is now set to Default Set. How did this happen? I did not (knowingly) change anything. I have included a pdf of the layout as well as a pdf of from the plan view to show the difference. I can email the file if it helps. I would rather not attach the file to this post. Can anyone help me? Mike Ok quick update. This is only happening on ONE of the 14 pages in the layout file. There is another page that is linked to the same plan file, and that one works fine. 2014-08-14 Newman Bsmt Bar-Floor Plan.pdf 2014-08-14 Newman FM3-Layout.pdf
  3. I changed my: Preferences...Edit...Snap Properties...Options...Snap Distance... to 10 This seems to help. Not sure why, but it does. Thanks glennw for the suggestion. Mike
  4. Great bead board. I am trying to figure out however, how you made the cabinet with a beaded back (on the interior) Pardon me if this is not the correct forum to ask you this question. Mike
  5. Mark, I do something very similar to what you are doing. I have a library full of standard cabinet sizes so I don't have to draw typical cabinets. We do, however, send to the shop, copies of ALL cabinet face frame drawings for every job, as to minimize common mistakes like door swings, extended stiles, finished interiors, etc. Still messing with this X6 to get it right....Hopefully someone can answer my question. Thanks! Mike
  6. Sorry for the long delay in responding to your post. It is set to 4 Mike
  7. I have not tried this, but I will look into it. We use these drawings to produce shop drawings and they are part of our order process. The face frames are only one part of the drawing. There are many notes, dimensions, information about shelves, pull out trays, drawer box, hinges...etc. I have found that other than pencil and paper, drawing in CAD gives us the most flexibility as well as "proving" dimensions for custom cabinetry. Having said that, I am always open to new ways of doing things do save time. Right now though, I just cant figure out why or what changed within this program in the last month that is causing my hair to fall out! lol Thanks! Mike
  8. I manufacture custom cabinetry. Everything we do begins with a face frame.
  9. Could some please help me understand or guide me to the proper settings for the following problem. I draw Face Frames for Custom Cabinetry. When I do so, I start by drawing a rectangle, dimension it, and then start drawing vertical and horizontal lines to suit. The problem I am having is; when I draw a line and it comes close to a perpendicular line, it does not snap or stop right at that line like it used to. I end up having to zoom in really close in order for me to make it right. Very Time Consuming!! What am I missing? I have everything checked under Preferences>Edit>Snap Properties>Object Snaps Is there something else? Your help is greatly appreciated! Mike
  10. They do allow you to use/install more then on appliance in a cabinet. Trick is, you have to place an appliance (like a microwave) on the floor, size it, save it to your library. Kind of a pain. I guess I will have to go back to my old files and start saving plans that have hat type of appliance within it, and save it to a new X6 file. Just want my combo micro/oven back.... Thanks
  11. Thanks. But looking for a more unified look like the same manufacturer.
  12. May sound silly, but prior to upgrading to X5 and then to X6, I HAD a 30" Oven/Microwave Combination in my core catalog V10. Now, there is no such animal in my core catalog. Am I missing something? I have looked just about everywhere. I cannot find even find it in the user center>catalog downloads. Where can I get this type of Appliance? Is there a secret hiding place that I am not privy to? Thanks in advance for all who help! Mike
  13. Yes, this seems to be the case. Thank You for your input. I am marking this as solved or answered so nobody need reply anymore. This will just go down as an unsolved mystery I guess. Thanks for all who tried to help! Mike