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  1. Hello, I have a bunch of recessed lights on sloping ceiling at 3/12 or 22.5 degrees. I adjusted the light data, but the renderings came out with light splashing out the edges of the lights. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi, can anyone suggest a way for me to model this glassrail with a alum handrail? it is held at the bottom with a u-channel, and the channel follows the profile of the treads/risers. thanks, philip
  3. Thanks Mark! I followed your advice and created layer sets. Suddenly I realized this is very similar to CAD, creating layers and text sizes for the drawings to 'read'. I must say I've been spoiled by Revit because it automatically sets everything up, so I haven't had to create the individual sets.
  4. Hi, I am new to CA, and I am testing it with a house remodel. I am also migrating from Revit, so I am comparing the two software. So far I am really enjoying how 'user-friendly' CA is, but I am running into some architectural 'functionality' issues. I spoke with the tech people, and I am hoping with enough demand, the coding folks can make it happen. If anyone here knows of ways to solve the following problems, please share. 1. The ability to create partial plans with independant layers control. There are detail things that should be on the 1/2" plan and not the 1/4" plan. Small dimensions and details otherwise will make the 1/4" plan unreadable. Tech suggested controlling with layers, shooting 1/2" scale images of my partial plans, and manually update. Very cumbersome. 2. Combining all four interior elevations symbols into 1. Imagine 4 interior elevation symbols in every room at 1/4" scale, the floor plan becomes unreadable. Revit has the simple option of turning the symbols into 1,2,3, or 4 sides. I am surprised this is not available. Tech showed me how to turn a callout into multiple sides, but they can't replace the actual wall elevation cameras. Philip Han