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  1. PacificGreenHome

    docs errata and clarification on panning using trackpad on Mac

    Thanks Rich for your helpful response. I wasn't aware there was a different forum solely for Home Designer Pro. Thanks for clarifying that. I'll take my HDP posts there. Yes, it is confusing as after multiple searches on multiple topics I kept getting results taking me here to the Chief Talk forum and in reading the forum guidelines for the General Q&A forum it states "The purpose of this forum is to allow users to post questions about and share knowledge about the Chief Architect family of software products." I thought HDP was in the Chief Architect family of products. Anyway, I get it now. Apologies to the forum and to Eric in particular for my comment and its tone. I appreciate helpful tone and content and to be honest was trying to provide some useful content so as not to be perceived as a newbie participant who just takes and doesn't give back. I'll only return to this forum again when and if I upgrade to Premiere. Cheers and thanks again for the clarification. Bill
  2. PacificGreenHome

    docs errata and clarification on panning using trackpad on Mac

    "correct forum"? Boy, I see the posting police is in full force around here. Geesh. Given that another post ( which I referenced above) on the same topic of discrepancies between the docs and the software was not met with the "This would be helpful if posted in the correct forum" response even though said post was also in this very same Q&A forum I guess I'm to conclude that there's some lack of consistency as well as questionable logic demonstrated here by the "posting police". Way to make a new participant feel welcome. Geesh. You're welcome.
  3. As my 3rd post in this forum I'll provide clarification on a documentation issue in the Home Designer Pro 2016 Reference Manual with the hope it will save someone else some time finding the correct answer. On page 30 under "Using A TrackPad" it states "In OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), use the click-hold gesture to pan; in 10.9 (Mavericks) and prior, click-hold and two finger panning are supported." Mention of panning using trackpad on Mac wasn't included in the 2015 version of the docs but I think they may have added it to the 2016 docs based on a phone call I placed to support 1.5 years ago on this very issue. Regarding helping to clarify the docs, I'm not sure on the "click-hold gesture to pan" or "click-hold and two finger panning" in prior Mac OS versions, but, I can state that such approaches don't work with the current Mac OS version, i.e. El Capitan. To pan in Home Designer Pro 2016 Mac in El Capitan using a trackpad (and I imagine in other CA products although I haven't tested) one needs to hold down the command key while performing a 3 fingered drag on the trackpad. As this took me a while to figure out via trial and error I hope someone else benefits from this info. Bill P.S. There's some mention of this issue at as reported by another user although it's unclear what version of the Mac OS he was using when experiencing the broken functionality of two fingered panning.
  4. PacificGreenHome

    builder with design seeking immediate consulting assistance

    Particularly interested in hearing from those knowledgeable in structural framing issues and working with post and beam structures in snow heavy environments (140psf). Thanks Bill
  5. Washington based builder looking for assistance with Home Designer Pro (and possibly CA X8 in future). At this point I'd prefer screen sharing consulting answering my questions on issues including structural framing plans creation and more. If you're immediately available tomorrow and/or over this weekend and know the software inside out, please contact me. Thanks. Bill