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  1. motivodesign

    CA Premier X11 For Sale $2000

    Yes, Its still available.
  2. motivodesign

    CA Premier X11 For Sale $2000

    Thank-you for your input Kbird1. All transfer fees are unique to the specific license and are dependant on the original price paid for that license. I have verified our required transfer fee with Chief Architect Sales to sell our license to another user. To clarify, the buyer will pay $1995USD and receive a complete version of CA Premier X11. We will pay the associated $900USD transfer fee to Chief A, and net $1995-$900=$1095USD for selling our license. Hope this helps, Chris M.
  3. motivodesign

    CA Premier X11 For Sale $2000

    Chief Architect Premiere X11 For Sale Our Firm has multiple licenses and no longer require this license. All license transfer fees will be paid. You will receive new license # direct from Chief Architect Sales. Direct from Chief Architect Site = $2,995USD Our price $1,995USD, you save $1000 for same product. Thank-you