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  1. Hmm let me see how deep my pockets go! Thanks for the info on as many cores as I can get everyone.
  2. I do a lot of ray tracing, and many times I will want to change one little thing when it gets all done. The settings I have now are what I want, what I need to know is what do I need to buy to make my ray traces lightning fast? Can it be done? Im talking 5 minute Ray traces with 10 or so passes!! With ambient occlusion, environmental light, photon mapping, computing caustics. Lets say money is no object because lets face it, time is money and I don't have the time to sit and babysit ray traces for 30-45 minutes a piece. Give me your dream Computer lineup, maybe an upgrade to what I have now? Hmm I'm not even sure if my specs are listed. I am no computer expert nor would I claim to know any more about computers than any 5 year old today, but I want to know (from people who know computers? or not) what's the best thing out there to run chief to its fullest potential. Thanks!
  3. Graphics driver was the issue. Thanks everyone!
  4. Thanks Doug. Heading out of town now so I will try to install the new version when I get back and see if that fixes it.
  5. It must be something wrong in my computers settings if you are able to get regular reflections. Thanks Jon. And Kirk I turned optimizations off to no avail. Then I tried optimizations off and hardware filtering off, still nothing.
  6. Video card, I believe, is Intel® HD Graphics 2500. Driver Version is all up to date. No luck on turning off the Hardware texture filtering.
  7. Sure enough, did the same thing you described. Seems to be beyond my scope of knowledge, hopefully someone will be able to step in and help.
  8. I didn't have any hang up with mine. Here are my settings and picture of the RT.
  9. Hardware texture filtering is on I have posted the a file before and when others pull it up the reflections look normal on their computer. Have a look. New Compressed (zipped)
  10. Anyone have any ideas as to why my mirrors reflect everything in a blue tint?