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  1. DecoratorsCorner

    Text Misaligned on X10 Interiors

    I have also just noticed that my dimensions and window/door labels are misaligned as well on my new project on X10. I've opened a few older projects created on X9 into X10 and not all of them are doing it! My new plans are not made from template (as far as I know), so this shouldn't be the issue?
  2. DecoratorsCorner

    Text Misaligned on X10 Interiors

    I've tried that too! It is happening on new and old projects. I opened a file created on X9 in X10 and all of the text boxes were off.
  3. DecoratorsCorner

    Text Misaligned on X10 Interiors

    I just upgraded to X10 and all of my text boxes are misaligned so once I have finished writing my text and press OK to go back to floor plan view, I can only see half of the text. The text is also misaligned with the white background of the text box. The white background is where it should be. I have even tried to change the layer and alter it as a custom text size to see if it was a setting issue but it is the same problem for all layers. Help!
  4. DecoratorsCorner

    Cut Plane Height

    @joey_martin Really liking how your RCP is looking. What layers do you have on/off for it to appear this way? Specifically, the lighter grey lines of the cabinetry, fixtures, windows and doors. Also, did you create separate "sets" to have the Electrical Plan and Reflected Ceiling Plan appear separately? Thanks so much!