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  1. Thanks Chiefs user this will help .
  2. Hey Chief users i'am using x11 , and i'am trying to have a block 72" cabinet show up in the cabinet schedule as one cabinet , but it show it as 3 different cabinet. CAN IT BE DONE?
  3. I will work on it some more . thanks
  4. Truss still not framing right.
  5. Have a L - shape building and i'am try to have attic space and when i try to make the truss its not framing correct . I used a truss base but still not working ,Both section have attic truss and need to get from one side of the attic to the other, not sure if chief can even do it Sample Attic truss.plan
  6. Hey chief Users my name is Darryl and i'am using X11 and i'am having trouble sending multiple doll house views to layout. When i send one view then send another view and make changes in one the other one change also. Can you help!!!!!!!Thank's