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  1.  I am a instructor with Chief Architect here in Michigan, feel free to give me a call. 


    Classic Designs LLC


    1. ComputerMaster86


      Thank you for the offer.  If I am ever in a real tough bind with CA, I will keep you in mind.  The company I work for builds a lot of post framed buildings, so I do very little with interior work and interior details.  I feel so grateful that I was able to use Chief Architect for the project pictured below.  I feel like I have had a head start with Chief Architect from using AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture (Autodesk Architectural Desktop) in my High School and Trade School days.  I only wish I would have got acquainted with and started using the Chief Architect software earlier in my life.


  2. The meeting will be held on February 4th, 2017 @ 11:30 am.  If you need help before this feel free to contact me.


    1. ComputerMaster86


      Oh I don't really have any specific questions but, I am very interested in attending the meeting.  That is of course if I remember when it's going on.  :D  I seem to forget every little thing.  I will have to remind myself of the meeting.  I am from Michigan and often wonder how many CA users out there are from Michigan.  Just out of curiosity I guess.  I only wish I had invested in CA sooner than I did.  I purchased it through Chief Architect's rent-to-own program, starting in October of 2015.  I debated about getting involved with CA for far too long and should of just jumped right in.

      All of my High School CADD training and about half of my formal trade / vocational school CADD training was done using AutoCAD.  In my formal trade / vocational school training in 2006, we also worked with a program called Autodesk Architectural Desktop now called AutoCAD Architecture.  It was thinking about investing in and owning AutoCAD Architecture, that got me looking at and wondering what other software was out there on the market.  My boss where I currently work uses a program like AutoCAD called TurboCAD.  So I purchased and invested in TurboCAD back in the summer of 2012, before I ever knew anything about and invested in Chief Architect.  About two and one-half years ago I stumbled upon across Envisioneer and then shortly after that I learned about Chief Architect.  I am now glad I settled on Chief Architect.  I can already tell I made a great choice.  The rent-to-own program made something normally not too affordable for me, very affordable.  That is why I call myself on this forum an AutoCAD turned TurboCAd turned Chief Architect user. Anyway just a little bit on my background.  I am hoping to further my formal training in the near distant future by going to an actual college or university.

    2. classicdesigns


      call me 248-891-3955


  3. Were having it a 1:00 Eastern time. Feel free to contact me and I can keep you posted :-)

  4. I have no idea what is about negative  -1 community reputation??. Out of all my years with Chief Architect and my design business has a great reputation with referrals upon request!. Over 25 years building experience.