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  1. I have a attached garage that the slab tapers to nothing in the back. I've tried deleting the back wall to redraw and the taper just moves to the next wall. I've spent a few hours with it and well... %26 Johnson One Level Flat Roof.plan?dl=0
  2. All my 1/4'' default dimensions are set to be 6'' and work out fine in the layout or if I print, but in the plan views all my dimensions stay the same size on the screen regardless of scrolling the floor plan in and out causing a cluster of dimensions covering the plan view. WHY? Tony Sundberg Chief Premier X14 Windows 10 Pro OMEN HP Laptop i7-8750H CPU @2.20GHz 2.21 GHz 32.0 GB 64 bit NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070
  3. Any way to add framing material types in the framing catalog like SPF, Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Cedar, (In exposed frame areas) Green Treated, Brown Treated, Ground contact treated ETC... Or be able to change the name Fir in the wall type definitions tab. To make the materials list accurate up front and not have to dissect the material list at the back end when were crunched for time. Fir studs aren't readily available here and cost a fortune to order.