Polyline dimension examples

Recently a user asked why I would use a CAD line for dimensioning anything when I could use a Point to Point dimension instead.  There are all sorts of reason why but here are just a few...

  • The fact I don't have to deal with the extra points.  I can simply garb one end of the dimension line and move it anywhere I want.
  • The fact I can easily swing the dimension line anywhere I want.
  • The fact I can rotate the text to any angle I want.
  • The fact I can utilize a number of different formatting options that Chief doesn't provide.  The fact that I can easily override the dimension text.
  • The fact I can snap the "dimension" to an object or not.  One end can be snapped and the other can be completely free if I want it to be.
  • The fact I can convert the "dimension" to a molding polyline and include it in ARCHITECTURAL blocks

Hopefully that clarifies my reasoning at least a little. 

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