Import Trusses From Mitek Possible?


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I am going through a similar process with another manufacturer that uses a subset of Mitek's features as well.  What I was told is that this capability is provided through the software licensing at an additional cost to the manufacturer.  So, if the manufacturer has paid for the software capability, then they would still need to know how to go about exporting the trusses in 3D.


As it was explained to me, the process is for the software operator to create the 3D view and then to do a save as or export to an available file format that can be imported into Chief.


I have not gone through this process myself yet, but I am very interested in seeing how this actually works. 


Also, from what I understand so far,  they can export to a file format that works with 3D Studio Max.  But, that may not be the same as the 3DS file format that can be imported into Chief.  If we can get the 3D geometry out of Mitek, then we should be able to convert the file to something that Chief can import.


One of the things that I have been encountering is that depending on how the 3D model was actually constructed by the application, it may not display correctly as far as a complete set of surfaces that would be good for visualizing and for providing hidden lines as dashed when using more advanced modeling applications.  This is of concern as well if you intend on exporting the 3D framing model out as a 3D PDF file for use in the field.

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I know Mitek has a 3D viewer called Sapphire so it does export 3D files of truss objects. Is it possible to import these in Chief?


I think that only works with their own proprietary file format.  I could be wrong, but that is what I was given to understand. 

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