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Framing Won't Reach Roof, Different Heights, And Sections Missing After Changing Truss Depth.

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My roof was finished and the framing was fine, but then I had to change the size of the top chords in my attic trusses. Increasing the size in the truss spec box didn't raise the roof, but sent the extra width down into the rest of the framing. I changed the value in the default settings and rebuilt it (I tested this in another plan to make sure it works and it did) and now there are sections of the framing missing, most of it won't reach the roof, and my interior walls are different heights. I've triple checked every setting I can think of when rebuilding and I can't get anything to change.


Is there a way to have multiple wall types be recognized as a single wall? I think that's what's causing the missing ends on my exterior wall. I'm lost on everything else.




C rafter practice_2160SF_4BR_2.5B_3ST(OG)_8'C_11-25-15.plan

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