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So, you are wanting to create your Dream Home in Chief Architect, or perhaps you have already started, but need help working out some of the details... then your in luck!  Contact Dream Home Designs, Inc. and we can help you with your design needs and getting them setup onto layout sheets.  Dream Home Designs, Inc. works with individual, contractors, home builders, and architects to create house plans and 3D Renderings. Dream Home Designs, Inc. is a residential design service geared towards custom home designs, but we offer so much more! Give us a call for your designs needs! All work is done on a contract basis only!


Services offered are:


* Create custom designed Dream Homes!  Additions/Remodeling, Garages, Decks, Site Plans, & 3D Renderings.

* Creating Construction Documents (Blueprints) that are accurate and easy to read, in order to obtain a building permit.

* Offers assistance with your Chief Plans and Layouts to individuals, home owners, & contractors ..and other CA Designers

* Will work with other "Chief Architect" design firms to help tweak there stock plans  

* Converting old plans or hand drawings (DWG or PDF) > to Chief Architect x6 and x7.

* Create Site plans,  basic information transferred for a typographical survey, house location based on setbacks, best  fit, & to capture the best view.  

* Provide Assistance to Architects with their Residential / Commercial / Industrial projects & restorations

* Create quality 3D Renderings for your presentations & brochures... along with 3D videos of your designs.



I have been creating houses since 2005 on my own ~ using Chief Architect.  I have attached a few photos to you to look over.  It is just a small sample of my work. 

Here is a link to my Google+  there are several YouTube Videos for you to enjoy! 




Dan Sullins, Residential Designer & 3D Rendering

Dream Home Designs, Inc.

(276) 783-8333




















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    • By ericepv
      3D Floor plans and renderings for marketing and planning from a Rochester, NY based company available for remote work. I am a long time Chief user (X6 to X15) and have worked for many commercial and residential clients across North America. You can view samples of my work on my website, Houzz profile  or my YouTube channel.
      Please contact me directly at 585-441-5291 EST or by email:


    • By AzjahGreen
      I'm Azjah! I would love to work with you on your project. I have extensive and expert-level experience in my professional Home Design role; my experience in Certified Computer-Aided Drafting and Certified Professional Chief Architect knowledge may align immensely well with your needs. I have enjoyed bringing a vision to life since a young age and I am very excited to hear about your project. 
      I am a top performer who goes beyond to deliver quality support and guarantee deadlines are met. I sharpened my abilities in preparing plans, 3d Renders, creative interior, and exterior home designs, as well as HVAC, plumbing, and material takeoff.  throughout my career to build my value in the field. I have been commended for my dedication to developing creative and timely completion of work.
      I have attached a few of my projects below for reference. Please let me know when you would be available for an
      initial 15-30 minute call (free of charge) so we can discuss your project in
      more detail and identify how my skill set would work best for you.
      Best Regards, 
      Azjah Green. 


    • By SLInteriors
      Interior Design Firm looking for assistance with Chief Architect floor plans and renderings (2d and 3d). Most projects are individual rooms or a main floor, some exteriors as well. All details for drawings and finishes would be provided.  Require someone with attention to detail. Able to turn around under a week.
      If interested, please message me with your hourly rate as well.
      Thank You!
    • By TimelessJohn
      Hi All,
      "Roof Beams Appear as Solid Timbers not I-Beams as Preferred."
      I have a small insignificant detail problem that I wish to resolve and wonder if anyone has a Tip or Trick to fixing the fact that my Steel I Beams show up perfectly in my Posts and Deck patio beams but not in my roof beams.
      I have changed all of my defaults to I Beams in my settings to no avail, just curious if this a detail I will have to learn to live with or a glitch in Chief?
      Also I would like my I beams to show in the interior walls and imagine in order for this to happen I will need to create a niche and paint it black steel? Correct?
      Please see attached image.
      Thank you in advance,
      Modders ADU Plan V3.plan
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      Contact us and avail high quality and attractive interior 3d rendering services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings by outsourcing your 3d interior rendering requirement to us.