CAD dwg details - Design Calculators - Residential Const USA


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CAD dwg details - timber construction
Design - calculators - residential const
for  USA - imperial units.

refer attached pic: Res details - timber const - USA

link to website:

USA - imperial units.

refer attached pics: Design Calc - USA_1, 2, and 3.

link to website:

Medeek Engineering Inc.
Washington USA





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    • By djhplanning
      Wondering what kind of detailing systems some of you have come up with for creating CAD details of your own.  I want to set up a system to cut down the time when creating a new detail.  Want to make CAD details ranging from 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 3".  I want all the dimensions and notes to be the same size when printed to scale.  Also want consistent looking material hatches, lines widths, etc. when showing multiple scale details on the same page.  How to create a neat organized look on my layout page.  Any feedback on what you are doing is appreciated.  I have attached a sample of one of my details.  
      sample detail.pdf
    • By country
      I was having a problem finishing up a layout set yesterday.  I had sent everything to layout, looking the way I want, went to print a check set and found problems.  My roof layout was showing some CAD default items from the main level (2 story house).  I opened that plan view and turned off cad default layer and when I returned to the layout set the cad default items in my separate cad details had also disappeared.  If I turn them on in the detail, that also turns them back on in the roof layout!  It was an endless loop.  I changed everything to different layers and managed to get a printable plan.  Why would a roof layout plan affect CAD Details that only had PDF (cad default layer) and notes (text layer) in it?
      Must be user error and I will send the old copy of plan and layout to tech support but would like to know if anyone else has seen this.
    • By CCCArchitect
      I can't seem to figure out why I can't change my 1/4" annotation set to 1/2" in my CAD detail? I keep getting set back to 1/4" annotations even after I set to 1/2". I read ref manual, watched tutorials etc...but I can't seem to understand this? any suggestions?