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Hey all-


I often have landscape stairs that are not well served by the stair tool, and have been trying to create a multi-landing "stairway" consisting of 3 or more landings connected to each other - NOT separated by stairs.  I've attached screenshots of the problem I'm having - chief will connect the first landing in a series but not the subsequent landings (screenshot shows a connection to the bottom landing and to the top landing, but not the landing separating the two).


Is there a way to connect landings that are not separated by a stair section created by the stair tool, or should I stop beating my head against this and just draw polyline solids for the landings and manually figure out the stair connections?


Thank you!




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I knew as soon as I posted this I would figure it out (or would remember there is a printed user manual is more accurate).  Ended up drawing two sections of stair, perpendicular to each other and wrapping the upper landing.  The two sections mitered automatically around the landing.  Then positioned this against the lowermost landing and they all connected.  I lost the miter at the corner, but since I don't have any tread overhang on the outside stair I was able to just pull one of the stair sections over.  I'll play with this to see how to make it work and preserve the miter once I've got this project off the books.





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