Need someone to "fix" my Home Designer Pro plan


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    • By Renerabbitt
      Open to new work. I've been working remotely for clients for years and can easily navigate the issues that present themselves from remote work. I have plenty of references and videos demonstrating my various services. The following images are snippets from my site at

      I offer training-while-drafting services in Chief Architect as well as training in Sketchup, Thea Render, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Procreate.
      I tend to cater to experienced designers and drafters in Chief Architect, many of which benefit from and are quite pleased with anno/layer sets, library items, toolbars, and a more cohesive folder structure and .plan and .layout files. 
      A few hours of my service may cut hours off of every project you have going forward.
      Feel free to check out my YouTube channel dedicated to all things drafting, designing, modeling and rendering in my signature below.
      Take a look at some of my recent design work in the Gallery
      Also, take a look at the extensive Free Content Thread and continued free content YouTube Series:
    • By Alaskachris
      I have drawn a house plan in Home Designer Pro and need some help getting the layouts made for the permitting process.  I would love to work with someone as we go through the blueprints to send to the local permitting office.  I live in the Skagit Valley, north of Seattle, Washington State.  I would be willing to drive a ways.  Please contact me at
    • By PhilipC
      I will be the general contractor for a home being built in Alcoa, TN (near Knoxville) and we had a custom set of plans created by a person using Chief Architect X10 and then we imported the file into our Home Designer Pro 2019.  The designer that we were using has some medical problems and is not able to continue working through the final steps of the plans.  The plans are pretty much complete except that we have now determined we need some additional revisions and we are not qualified to use the software.  The changes  needed include:
      1.  We made a few changes to the roof line but it now needs to be cleaned up; as you know messing with a roof line can sometimes create issues.
      2.  Our screen porch is too narrow and we increased it by 3' but when we changed the roof slope over the screen porch this created a few issues.
      3.  The fireplace will not be a "direct vent" which means we do not need the chimney that is currently shown.
      4.   I would like someone with experience to just go through the plans and clean up errors, etc.
      Those are the main issues and we would like some help to make this happen.  I would prefer to agree on a fixed price to make these changes but if you need to do hourly then please give me an hourly figure.
    • By Developer
      I have created windows in my floor plan.  I set the window width to 24".  This is usually a stock width for the windows I use, but I want to make sure that Home Designer Pro 2018 is quoting the rough opening and is not setting the window size framed width to 24".  How do I check or set that when I set a window to be 24" wide it framing the rough opening to 24"?
    • By Designer100
      I use Chief x8. A interior designer friend is new to home designer pro. She might want me to do some renderings and drafting for her in Home designer Pro. Will it be easy to help her since I know Chief x8. Is working in each similar.